Best Tamil News Apps for Android in 2019


News applications are the most required applications in each and every smartphone. Everyone wants to read the news in their preferred language, although not every application provides support for each and every language. If you are searching for Tamil news apps for Android, then you are searching in the right place. In this article, we will discuss top Tamil news applications for Android devices.

Best Tamil News Apps for Android Devices:

There are fairly very few applications are available in the market which supports the Tamil language. Although we are provided the complete list of news applications which is having Tamil language support. 

1. Dailyhunt (News Hunt):

This news application is available in multiple Indian language support from various leading newspapers in India. This application provides breaking news, News videos and headlines and updates on several other categories. You can also get to see live cricket score and several sports-related information. Literally, it covers each and every category of news as soon as it is available in all the major newspapers.

Apart from that, you will also get to have trending videos, memes, funny pictures, and videos, etc. You can always select the preferred language within the application. This is one of the most highly rated news applications available in the market.

2. The Hindu Tamil:

This is one of the most reputed newspapers available in India. They provide authentic and credible news on their news platform.  This news platform is also available in Android application which can be used as a digital reader. You can get this application in multiple Indian languages, among those languages’ Tamil is one of them.

This application is having several features which include offline reading mode. In case you are facing poor connection then and you will still be able to read the news in offline reading mode. You can even mark your news as favorites which you can read later on. Share the news with your friends and family directly from the application. Swiping gesture is available for getting new articles in your app. 

3. TN Tamil News Newspaper:

This application provides live news channels which we can watch using this application. This application is mainly focused on providing Tamil news, and you will mainly get the list of Tamil news channels in the application. Apart from that, you will also get to have several news articles from well-known newspapers. So basically, this is one of the most complete Tamil news application you can find for your Android devices. 

TN Tamil News Newspaper
TN Tamil News Newspaper


News provides service with information which is happening around us, and it is easier to understand if the news is in our preferable language. We have collected complete information about best Tamil news applications for Android devices.

Read the complete information about this music applications before installing them on your Android devices. Share this informative article with others so that they can install these Tamil news applications in their Android devices.