3 Best Kites Flying Game For Kite Festival – Makar Sankranti

With the start of the new year, In India here is the very first festival of 2015, Kite festival popularly known as Makar Sankranti or Uttrayan. Though we all know kite flying is always been fun for Indians, with a change in the era we have all thing went virtual, or online. So why can’t flying kite goes virtual?  The developer has made it possible for you. Today we have researched a few of the best kites flying game for kite festival out of numbers of the app available on Google play store. Few of the Indian developer has come up with an amazing concept of designing a game based on KITE which we Indian love the most.


Best Kites Flying Game For You

1. Kyte – Kite Flying Game

GameEon bought the whole kite flying experience on your smartphone with this game. This game comes with four different modes i.e Love the bird mode, kill the bird mode, Arcade mode and the last Kite Fight mode. From a number of colorful kites, select one and start off with any of the game modes. Great UI and design will surely amaze you.

2.Kite Fever

Fly your kite as high as you can and earn maximum points, with collecting boost up and avoiding obstacles cutting down other kite. This game can easily pass your few hours. What I loved about this game is the background used which adds more familiar experience to users.

3. Kite Surfer 

Kind of Running game, Collecting coins for upgrading your stuff and avoiding obstacles like the tree, rock, etc. The mixture of best visual effects, graphics, and music made this game to stand in this top three list. Get your kite flow with wind and surf to collect stuff. Download and enjoy the whole new way of flying kite on your sky-board.


I hope you may love one of the above listed Best Kites Flying Game. Use below comment box  and tell us which is your favorite Kite games

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