Best Android Flip Phones You Didn’t Knew About – Clamshell phones

When we say “Flip phones”, the first things pop up in your mind is the “Tap” sound people make while shunting up the phone like a boss. Flip phones has been one of the iconic technology of 2000’s before the glass or touchscreen phones entered into markets. What if we bring you the list of best android flip phone. Yes you heard it right, some of the the big names like Samsung, Motorola, LG have already launched flip phones with android OS.


Recently in news, ( 5 Aug ) LG announced the Wine Smart, a flip android phone with 3.2 touchscreen, Android Lolipop 5.1 with some low specs. Big players in industry are trying to take the competition to the next level, as Samsung and other mobile makers are planing to launch android flip phones offering both touchscreen and keypad. So let fell nostalgic and find out which are the best android smartphone with flip to buy in 2015.

List Of 3 Top Android Flip Phones

Before moving to the list, check out the the entertaining part that your smartphone can’t do, but flip phones do it like a BOSS. (click on below image to enlarge)

Only thing that smartphone can’t do, but flip phones do it like a boss.

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1. Samsung Galaxy Folder Android Flip Phone

Just another clam shell phone from Korean smartphone making company released week ago in Korea. Samsung galaxy folder is also known as Samsung G150N0 . This  phone can be the perfect competition for LG’s recent launched Wine Smart flip phone as specs are quite impressive compare to LG’s Wine smart, But again price is around double of  LG’s wine smart.

Samsung Galaxy Folder : Specs, Features and Price

Samsung Galaxy Folder runs on Android v5.1 Lollipop and has 8 MP front and 2 MP secondary camera. Screen size of this phone is 3.8 inches and weighted 155g. Price of Galaxy Folder is around  KRW 297,000 (roughly 16,350 Rs or 255 $ ). To know more about this phone click here.

Samsung Galaxy Folder : Photos (click on images to enlarge)

2. LG Wine Smart / Gentle Android Flip Phone

Popular as LG Gentle in Korea is now exclusively available for world markets which includes France, Italy, Kazakhstan, Japan Poland, Spain and the United Kingdom with new name as “Wine Smart”. Unfortunately its not available in India as of now, but we hope LG will launch this or any other flip styled android phone for Indian markets really soon.

LG Wine Smart : Specs, Features and Price

Smart wine comes with 3.2 display & weighted 143 g or 5.04 oz. This phone has 3.15 megapixel rear and VGA front camera. Smart wine runs on Android  5.1.1 Lollipop. For detailed information you can check here. LG gentle in Korea is available at 200,000 SKW (which is 11,000 INR or 170 USD).

LG Wine Smart :  Photos (click on images to enlarge)

3. Samsung I9230 Galaxy Golden Android Flip Phone

For those who love the premium big-buttoned clam shell phone, this Android Flip Phone would be the perfect choice as it not only looks luxury but also work on android OS and have touchscreen too. It like win-win deal for flip phones lover. It highly expensive and only made for the flip lover, but it seems that flip phone are gaining popularity again. Whats your take on it ? Do comment below your views.

Samsung I9230 Galaxy Golden : Specs, Features and Price

Samsung galaxy golden has 1.5 gb of RAM with Snapdragon 400 which makes this phones better than other in this category. But the price of Rs 51,000 or 800 USD which is quite high. It run on android 4.2 jelly bean and has 1820 mAh battery, which is again good in flip phones. Find more detailed specs, features of this phone here.

Samsung I9230 Galaxy Golden :  Photos (click on images to enlarge)

Android clam shell phones is going to be next big this ?

What is your take on this ? As mobile giants are playing with new areas and testing the user demands and responses on their flip phone. We think clam shell phone with touch any keypad can bring new trend in industry, still as we said before not everyone going to love to see those 2000’s design again. But Samsung and LG has found few lovers for android flip phone

.  Do let us know your view. Comment below and show some love please do share this article on social media.