3 Best Paid Camera Apps For Android +1 WTF App

Pictures is one of the best thing that one can preserve as memories and clicking some beautiful pictures, that would serve as memories down the ages, more beautifully  than ever before is something everyone would love to have. Won’t you? OK, so looking for best paid apps that aids to you photography and add “WOW” factor to every single images clicked by you, well it is often said “paid is better than free”.  So today we at Above Android going to put some light on the best paid camera android app from Google Play-Store


The camera in your device can do many wonders just like a DSLR camera and professional cameras can. Luckily there are many such android app for photography, which are worth buying or we can say listed below paid android apps for camera is something you can buy from Google Play Store. We have listed best 3 and 1 WTF camera Android apps you should probably have one of this.

3 Best Paid Camera Apps For Android

1. Camera Zoom Fx :

One of the most loved apps by photographer itself throughout the globe. This app is fully loaded with various amazing features the enhance your experience to new level. Best feature about this app is it comes with 90+ skin packs i.e. just add your photo with famous faces, from Angelina Jolie to Barack Obama, from Elizabeth to Britney spear. Click here to get this app

Developer: androidslide
Price: $3.99

2. Camera FV-5 :

A professional camera application for android devices, if you are good at DSLR then this app is specially for you, it comes with all the photographic parameter from ISO, Light adjustment, Exposure setting, focus, white balance and many more add-ons similar to DSLR. Note: This app is only for those how has easy hands on all the functions of professional camera, Click here to download this application.

Developer: FGAE Apps
Price: $3.95

3. Camera JB+ :

On the third, we have this elegant camera app, with simple and easy-to-use design this app makes a place in users heart. Best thing about Camera JB+ which I found is “ultra fast shots” click as many picture as you want at the speed of lighting, also you can use three different mode i.e. Camera, Panorama and video shooting . Apart from this, it also help to cut, crop, edit pictures anytime. Get this application from here.

Developer: Moblynx
Price: $1.99

+ 1 WTF Camera App for Android

 Paper Camera :

I loved this. A creative camera android app from JFDP Labs (developers). Paper camera is real time painting and cartoon displayed on your camera. This app gives you change to look at your world in different style also let you explore more fun and entertainment around you. Click here

to install this application and be prepare to say WTF IS THIS.
Developer: JFDP Labs
Price: Free

Well, we have stated some best paid camera app for android. If you have any other interesting camera app feel free to post link by commenting below, Also don’t forget to share this with your friends. Have a great day.