Top 10 Free Icon Packs For Android You Should Use in 2020

Android is one of the best mobile operating system which provides immense customizations and with launchers, you can even customize icons. That’s why we have created the list of top 10 free icon packs for Android. These icon packs will create a different and elegant look for your phone which resembles you.


What are Icon Packs?

Icon packs are the icons that are are available in the app drawer or the home screen to open the application. Originally there is no way we can change these icons but by using third party applications or launchers we can change the shape size and even look of the icons.

Top 10 Free Icon Packs for Android

  • Viral – Free Icon Pack
  • Delta – Icon Pack
  • Whicons – White Icon Pack
  • Minma Icon Pack
  • CandyCons – Icon Pack
  • Pixel pie icon pack – free pixel icon pack
  • Minty Icons Free
  • Splendid – Icon Pack (Free)
  • Oxygen – Icon Pack
  • Charcoal – A Flatcon Icon Pack

1. Viral – Free Icon Pack

Viral is one of the best free icon packs for Android and as the name is it has gone viral and people are loving this application. They have a huge collection of icons and an ability to search from the collections which is one of the features I liked the most because it reduces my time and efforts.

They have over 200 matching wallpapers with their icon packs to make you feel elegant and stylish. You can also send requests for icons, and you can do it effortlessly from the menu. If you are using a launcher and want to use icons from this application, you can do it easily as the app supports over 30 popular launchers.

Price: Free+

2. Delta – Icon Pack

Delta icon pack includes a small and tidy design of the original icons and resembles them. It is one of the best icon packs for android as it includes more than 2000 hand designed icons and supports more than 20 launchers. The icons are not totally different that you will have to keep in mind that which icon you have set for which icon, it resembles the original icon with some tweaks.

They believe in a minimalistic design and so do we. If you are looking for the same kind of design and approach for your icons that I believe you should give this application a try, it is one of the best and free icon packs for android.

Developer: Leif Niemczik
Price: Free+

3. Whicons – White Icon Pack

Whicons does exactly what it has in the name, it provides you with a collection of high-quality white icon packs. To use these icons I advise you to use a dark theme and dark wallpaper so that you can show off these icons. They have icons for most of the applications that we use in our day to day life and is a free icon packs for android. This applications also come with icon request tool and supports most of the popular launchers. However, you don’t need a launcher to change the icons, you can do it easily with this application.

Developer: Randle
Price: Free+

4. Minma Icon Pack

Minima Icon Pack has more than 700 icons in their collections and it is one of the most promising and upcoming applications for icons. The icons are curated with minimalistic style and design with a touch of roundness as we could see in the Android Pie update. It is a free icon packs for android. The application also supports an icon request tool and says that you can put up to 10 requests per update cycle. In order to use this icon, you need a custom launcher and it supports most of the popular launchers that are widely used in the market.

Developer: Rohit S Shetty
Price: Free+

5. C andyCons – Icon Pack


CandyCons is one of the applications for icon packs with most download and ratings. It uses a material design and colour palette given by Google. The applications have a collection of 1127 icons and have colour variants for some of the icons available in the collection. It has support for most of the popular launchers. You even have an option to select wallpapers which goes with the icon style that you have selected. Which is why it has made to the list of top 10 free icon packs for android.

Developer: vukashin
Price: Free

6. Pixel pie icon pack – free pixel icon pack

Pixel Pie Icon pack as the name suggest is inspired by Android Pie and google’s pixel phones. It has a clean beautiful round design of icons and is supported by most of the popular launchers available in the market. This icon pack requires a launcher to apply this icon packs on the system. It is one of the best and free icon packs for android as it gives you the feel of premium design and style.

7. Minty Icons Free

Minty Icons are designed to look fresh and minty also they look a bit cartoonish and attractive. They have more than 1500 icons vector designs to meet your look. Also for this application to work seamlessly, you would require a launcher that will apply the icons. THe application mostly supports all the popular launchers. You can also request for icons that you want.

Developer: Patryk Goworowski
Price: Free

8. Splendid – Icon Pack (Free)

Splendid is one of the best and free icon packs for android but is still in the beta testing. You can still download this app and use it to customize your icons, you just need to have a launcher that supports customization of icons. You can also make a request of icons that are not available in your phone and you can possibly get it in the next update.

Developer: Sajid Shaik
Price: Free+

9. Oxygen – Icon Pack

Oxygen icon pack, I know what you are thinking and it is probably right! This app provides you icons similar to that you have seen on OnePlus phones. It has more than 10000 icons with minimalistic designs and beautiful colours. This app has made to the list of top 10 icon packs for android because it is very easy to use and applying new icons to the apps is easy.

Developer: iEvil Dev
Price: Free

10. Charcoal – A Flatcon Icon Pack

Charcoal is one of the best and free icon packs for android from this list and it should have been a bit up somewhere but here we are. It comes packed with more that 1900 icons which is amazing and gives you a variety of options. If you still don’t find the icon that you are looking for then you can request for the icon.


So this is the list of top 10 free icon packs for android. We recommend you to try some of these applications and let us know what you think of it in the comments below. For more information like this, follow Above Android on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google News.