10 Best Free Gardening Apps For Android In 2020

Unlike farming, one can carry out gardening even in urban areas. There are numerous gardening enthusiasts who are eager to make a garden in their veranda. We have prepared a list of the top 10 best free Gardening apps for Android. However, gardening is not a simple task as it requires a systematic approach. There are various tasks that are a part of gardening, such as identifying plants and their seeds, sowing them, harvesting, etc. As these tasks are complicated, one needs some experience to perform them. If one doesn’t have a good experience with gardening, it would be wise to seek help from those who have knowledge about the same. 


Along with home security, home gardening is also important. You can learn gardening virtually and gain knowledge about it through gardening apps. We have prepared a list of Top 10 Gardening apps for Android, which will help you to learn about gardening. These apps are not only informative but free as well. They are quite easy to use and will assist you in learning gardening. Android’s Play store has numerous gardening apps. It is clear that not every app is innovative or even helpful. Thus, we have shortlisted 10 useful gardening apps for Android.

The following are the top 10 Gardening Apps for Android:

1. Plantix 

If gardening is your hobby, you should download the Plantix app. This app will guide you about how to sow and appropriately grow plants. Plantix is like a community-based platform where you can discuss your gardening-related problems with other gardeners. It will help you to solve the issues which one generally faces while gardening. There are many experts on this platform that provide solutions to your questions. This app provides a lot of tips for creating a better garden. You can also share the photos of your plants to discuss them. It is one of the best gardening apps for Android.

Developer: Plantix
Price: Free


The GLEYCO has an easy interface that lets you use it conveniently. It is integrated with the lunar calendar for the optimal growth of your plants. This app provides information about vegetation and nutritional information about different vegetables.It is one of the best gardening apps for Android. The virtual plot system of GLEYCO acts like a personalized guide. With this app, you can also take down notes for managing your garden effectively.

Developer: Gleyco
Price: Free+

3. Sowing Calendar

Sowing Calendar is one of the best gardening apps for android. The App will provide you information about several factors required for proper gardening. With this app, you will be able to remember essential facts, including the best ways and time for sowing. It works as a calendar app for assisting you in gardening throughout the year. It is one of the best gardening apps for Android. You will gain knowledge about sowing different flowers and vegetables. It suggests a sowing period that is suitable for your region and climate. You will get notifications for harvest time and sowing period. It also provides nutrition charts.

4. Gardroid 

If you wish to obtain fresh herbs and vegetables from your own kitchen garden, wait no longer to download the Gardroid app. It will provide you with information about the correct time to sow as well as harvest. It will help you to know about optimal temperature and other necessary factors for growing plants in your garden. In this app, you can also note down your activities related to the plantation. It also contains a planting calendar and calculator. You can obtain information about popular flowers, vegetables, fruits, and herbs through this app.

5. Planter 

If you are struggling to manage your gardening tasks, download the Planter app immediately. With this app, you can design and align your garden as you wish. It designs a layout for gardens. The intelligent interface of Planter will make it simple for you to choose your specific plan of planting. It is one of the best gardening apps for Android. Planter provides details about a variety of plant selection and the direction for planting them. This app will also help you to maintain your plants by offering suggestions such as watering time intervals as well as choosing and spreading fertilizer.

Developer: Percula
Price: Free+

6. Moon & Garden 

If you wish to create a garden in your residence, you should definitely use the Moon & Garden app. This app guides about sowing and it will help you to maintain an organic home garden. It is one of the best gardening apps for Android. There is a vast dependence of plants upon the moon and so, this app has the lunar calendar. It provides proper suggestions for replotting and harvesting period. You can maintain your gardening records with its individual note-taking option. It also gives reports of regional weather.

Developer: JOCS
Price: Free+

7. PlantSnap 

The PlantSnap app will help you to identify flowers, plants, herbs, trees, and vegetables. It is a user-friendly gardening app that will help you to create a beautiful garden. It is one of the best gardening apps for Android. If you take photos of your plant and upload them on this app, you will find all the details about your plant. This app will advise you on gardening and provide you with plenty of essential gardening tips.

8. Waterbot

The Waterbot app is an automated gardening app. It sends reminders that help you to water your plants regularly. This app will help you to manage your gardening tasks smoothly. Its unique and smart design enhances the user experience. You can also share the pictures of your plants with the other users of this app. It is one of the best gardening apps for Android. Waterbot can detect the type of plant and suggest the interval of watering time accordingly. It also allows you to create a flower avatar with the help of your phone camera.

9. Plant Diary

The Plant Diary app will help you to keep track of the well-being of your plants. If the health of your plants is maintained properly, you will be able to form an outstanding garden. This app provides reminders for watering periods and it contains a calendar for your garden. It has an image-tracking option for plants and an option for taking down notes about the health of your plants. Plant Diary will also provide you with various tactics and tips to make a stunning garden.

Developer: Behrang Javaherian
Price: Free+

10. Urban Veggie Garden

The Urban Veggie Garden app will help you to plant vegetables at your home. It contains plenty of effective tips and tricks for gardening. This app provides updates about the latest technologies which you can use for gardening. The expert tips provided by this app ensures that you get optimal results. You can only have online chat with experts on this app for clearing your doubts. Those experts will help you to overcome your gardening problems by providing you proper explanations. The video tutorials in this app will help you to properly grasp the information about planting programs. Urban Veggie Garden also shows the nutrition level of each plant.

Developer: Josep L. Centelles
Price: Free


These are the top 10 Gardening apps for Android, which will help you to make your dream-garden at your home. You can download any of these apps as per the features you are looking for.