10 Best Free Apps to Test Hardware on Android

When buying a smartphone device, according to our usage, we should buy the phone. We have prepared a list of 10 best free apps to test hardware on an android device. To check utilization, we require various tools to test the hardware on the phone. These tests mostly provide you the information of your devices and have test cases to check whether the device is performing correctly with its full potential. You can also use these test cases when you are trying to sell your phone


Here is our list of 10 Best Free Apps to Test Hardware on Android – 

1. CPU X – Device & System info

CPU X is one of the best free apps to test hardware on android as it provides all device specifications in an organized format. It also gives you real-time statistics of your device. You can even check the specifications of other devices and compare them with your own. They also have a forum where you can discuss with technology enthusiasts around the world to exchange ideas and share knowledge.

2. DevCheck Hardware and System Info

DevCheck is a fantastic application which provides you graphical statistics of your device with a dashboard on how your device is performing. You have an option to check the status of all sensors, network activities, applications that are installed in your device. It also provides you a detailed specification of the hardware used in your smartphone. It also gives you the ranking of the device according to their performance. 

Developer: flar2
Price: Free+

3. TestM Hardware

TestM Hardware checks your hardware, components, and sensors to make sure everything is operating correctly. They initiate a full hardware diagnostics and give you a full detailed report on your device. They also verify if you are not buying a phone that was stolen with the functionality of the IMEI number of stolen phones. It is one of the best apps to test hardware on Android.

Developer: TestM
Price: Free

4. CPU-Z

CPU-Z has made it to the list of 10 best free apps to test hardware on android devices because it provides accurate and detailed reports about your device. They give information on the system on chip (SoC) name, architecture, clock speed of each core. They also provide basic system information such as device brand, model, screen resolution, RAM, storage, etc.

Developer: CPUID
Price: Free+

5. Phone Doctor Plus

Phone doctor plus is a very basic app for testing the hardware and sensors of your device. This application checks more than 30 hardware functionality and gives accurate information about the sensors that are available in your android phone. It records the daily battery charge cycle and monitors network usage to avoid overuse. It is one of the best apps to test hardware on Android.

Price: Free

6. Test Your Android – Hardware Testing & Utilities

Test Your Android is an application where we can get all the system information in one single app. The application is also optimized for Android Tablet and Android Wear. It is one of the best apps to test hardware on Android. There are other utilities also available in this app such as Barcode and QR code scanner, sound meter, bubble level, and a flashlight. It also gives you a real-time system monitor for CPU, network usage, and memory.

7. System Info Droid (Info, Tools, and Benchmark)

 System Info Droid has made it to the list of 10 best free apps to test hardware on android because it provides deep knowledge of your device with real-time parameters. The application also has the functionality to test the performance of your device using the benchmark too that is packed with the application. They also have a widget so that you can see the stats of your device on the home screen. 

Developer: Valenbyte
Price: Free

8. Sensor Box for Android

Sensor Box for Android is one of the best applications for your android device to determine the accuracy of sensors. It detects all the sensors available on your android device and vividly shows you how they work with amazing graphics. It is one of the best apps to test hardware on Android.

9. Full system info

Full system info gives you a detailed analysis of your android device. It provides you information about CPU and GPU usage and gives you tips on how you can optimize them. It also gives you detailed information about the technology of your display and battery. It also provides you various phone codes through which you can access accurate information about your device. 

Developer: ItGeeks
Price: Free+

10. Test My Device – Mobile Diagnostics Hardware Test

Test My Device has made to the list of 10 best free apps to test android because it gives a detailed result of mobile diagnostics. It is very easy to use this application with a very simple and intuitive graphical user interface (GUI). It checks every basic hardware and lets the user know which hardware is working and which are not.


This is our list of 10 best free hardware testing apps for android. If we missed out on any apps please do let us know in the comment section below.