10 Best Free Apps for Fishing on Android in 2020

Fishing can be one of the most amazing but exhilarating sport! If you don’t have any clue of where, how, and when to go for fishing, we highly recommend you check out this list of 10 best free apps for fishing which will be highly beneficial to you.


Technology has changed the way we play some sports, but gladly it hasn’t changed the traditional way of fishing. However, it can help you with some prerequisite fishing activities and enhance your knowledge.

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Here is the list of 10 Best Apps for Fishing

1. FishAngler – Fishing Maps, Forecast & Logbook App

FishAngler is one of the best apps for fishing because it is 100% Free and has amazing features. You get real-time fishing forecast and an option to explore maps with GPS with more than million data points.

The application will also let you know what will be the best time to catch fish with their robust fishing forecast feature.

It will also keep a track and log all your catches with real-time weather conditions that has more than 45 catching attributes.

You can also connect with different people on the application and ask for tips or can even show off your catches!

2. Fishbrain – local fishing map and forecast app

Fish Brain has secured 2nd position in this list of 10 best apps for fishing because it has over 9 million catches logged in their database which provides you with unique insights and has more catches.

The application has great functionalities that provide you with detailed search and you can also search by species.

Just by having so much data and insights on your side, it makes it easier to explore exact catch positions. They also have a Fishing forecast and calendar so that you can plan your trip in advance.

3. Fishing Knots

Fishing Knots, as the name suggests is one of the most important and best apps for fishing. It gives you an overview of the types of knots used for fishing.

It provides you with step by step procedure on how you can attach flies, hooks, swivels and other baits with a simple process.

They have a tutorial for each and every important knots that are used for fishing.

Developer: Phillip Steffensen
Price: Free+

4. Fishing Spots – Local Fishing Maps & Forecast

With the application Fishing Spots, you can get 7-day fishing forecasts and track all your catches with a fishing log book.

The application comes packed with options to explore fishing maps that shows photos and locations with catch details which makes it a must have apps for fishing.

You also have an option to create a logbook where you can capture each and every detail of your fishing trip with finding best times to fish and chill on your trip.

5. WeFish – Fishing Forecast, Diary, and Marketplace

WeFish is a must-have apps for fishing as it has its own marketplace where users can buy and sell their fishing equipment like OLX. You can create your own fishing directory where you can input all fish species you have caught.

All these details that you have entered in the log, which will generate unique statistics for you that will in turn benefit you which catching next time.

You can get your hand on one of the most accurate meteorological information such as wind, Solunar phase, tides, waves, temperatures, and atmospheric pressure.

6. Fishing & Hunting Solunar Time

The application is based on the solunar tables theory which helps to determine the precise and possible time for the feeding of all types of fishes and animals.

From the position of moon and its phases and position of sun, it determines the best timing for hunting and fishing.

You can save your favourite locations and use them as a future reference. YOu also get current weather and forecast of coming 5 days.

7. My fishing places: navigator

My Fishing Places, as the name suggests, it allows you to save fishing points and navigate through the application with a voice assistant.

You can also share your route and waypoints through the application. The amazing thing is you can use this application without internet. You can take a backup in the device database.

8. Fishing Points: GPS, Tides & Fishing Forecast

This apps for fishing should have made it somewhere up in the list but here we are! It is a needed apps for fishing because it has almost all the feature that a person who goes for fishing looks for!

It has an amazing graphical user interface which provides you with several forecasting information.

You can create a fishing log where you can input all the fishing data and also create and informative log which can help you in future where you go for fishing.

9. When to Fish

When to Fish, as the name suggests, the application provides you with the information on when you can go for fishing.

It provides you with the forecast on general fish activities from a large variety of fish species, also provides you with information on weather, pressure, wind, etc.

The application provides you with a prediction of almost all types of fishes.

Developer: Miroslav Capkovic
Price: Free+

10. Lowrance: Fishing & Navigation


Lowrance: Fish and Navigation has a great graphical user interface which is very beneficial for interacting with the application.

It provides you with free up-to-date charts and high-resolution bathymetry charts. You can also add your route and waypoints in the application which will help you navigate easily.

If you have saved your favorite location in the application, it will auto route directly to your favorite fishing spot!


So here we have curated the list of 10 best free apps for fishing you can use while going on a fishing trip for better understanding! Do let us know your views on the list in the comment section below!