Top 10 Bike Racing Games for Android in 2020

Games are the best way to relieve stress by using smartphone devices. There are various categories of games available in the market which you can choose to play. Racing games are one of the favorite categories which is being chosen by most of the users.


Bike racing games is the subcategory of racing games where you get to race with different kinds of bikes on your device. In this article, we will discuss the best bike racing games for your android devices.

Top Bike Racing Games for Android Devices:

Top 10 Bike Racing Game for Android

These are the best bike racing games available for Android devices. Read the contact details of these games carefully before installing them from the below-provided link.

Traffic Rider:

Get started with the racing game by driving your motorbike at full speed and proceed through the traffic. This game is a first-person racing game that will give you the simplest controls of the sensors on your phone. The game will allow you to play the career mode which will be having more than 70 missions. More than 29 motorbike models are available for selection in this game.

Initially, you will get the most basic bike available in the game which will help you to unlock more powerful ones later on. It will allow you to race through different locations at different duration of time.

Developer: Soner Kara
Price: Free+

Bike Race Free – Top Motorcycle Racing Games:

Another addictive bike racing game available for free for Android devices. The objective of the game is to complete the levels as quickly as possible without falling off the motorbike. The game is offering simple gesture controls for controlling the bike.

The left part of the screen will allow you to control the brakes whereas the right part of the screen will help you to accelerate your motorbike. 

Bike Racing 3D:

This is the 3D game available for Android devices which will offer you the best experience of bike racing. You need to race through complicated tracks in order to complete the levels as quickly as possible. The career mode of the game will offer if you with more than 60 different tracks.

You need to perform various actions to complete the tracks which include dodging obstacles, jumping the bike and doing serious stunts.

Developer: Words Mobile
Price: Free+

Drag Racing – Bike Edition:

If you like drag race games, then this game will give you a similar experience but with the motorcycle. The basic objective of this game is to accelerate towards the finish line just by balancing accurately. You will get to choose from different levels in the game in order to complete the races.

There is no fuel limitation or upgrade delivery time offered by the game, so you can complete any objective instantly. You can choose from more than 17 sports bikes which will give you a real drag racing experience. 

Real Bike Racing:

Another 3D bike racing game that you can get in your Android devices. This game will give you the Classic experience of the racing game available in the 90s period of PC games. To play this game you need to start the engine of the bike and tab on the gas between two to experience the racing experience of 200 HP motorbikes.

Most importantly this game also supports VR mode which is one of the exciting things you can have in Smartphone games. 

Developer: Italic Games
Price: Free+

Death Moto:

This particular game is different from most of the games which we have listed in this article. You need to destroy all the competitors to win the game, which is the reason it is named Death Moto. You need to race through the high traffic areas by talking them and overtaking your opponents.

Rank at the top in order to defeat all the users playing the game online. You will get to experience the most sophisticated graphics you can find in the game.

Price: Free+

Highway Rider Motorcycle Racer:

Another bike racing game where you need to raise through the highway by defeating the traffic. This game is one of the exciting time-killing entertainment where you get to experience the most intensive experience.

In order to control the motorbike, you need to tilt your smartphone device in order to move the vehicle.

Racing Moto:

This is an unlimited fast pace racing game where you need to dash the traffic at full speed. You will get to experience different tracks and locations which will make it much easier to play.

This game will offer you with tilt and move controls to control your vehicle in the game. You also need to tap on the screen to accelerate your vehicle which will give you a higher score.

Developer: Droidhen Casual
Price: Free

Racing Fever – Moto:

This game can be rather interesting for most of the racing game fans. Get to experience the best graphics which will also offer you different types of camera angles. This will make it more realistic which will be available with 16 different types of motorbikes.

There are different game modes available in the game which can be selected according to the preference.

Download Link>> Racing Fever – Moto

Developer: Gameguru
Price: Free+

MotoGP Racing:

MotoGP fans need to rejoice with this game which will give you the best classic experience you can get. You can customize your motorcycle according to your preference and challenge different players in the game. 

Developer: WePlay Media LLC
Price: Free+

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Bike racing games all the best category of games which you can play on your smartphone device. We have gathered complete information regarding bike racing games from different sources and user reviews.

We have posted doors information in this article for you. Share this useful article with others, so that they get to choose the best bike racing game for their Android device.