10 Best No Crop Apps for Instagram

Instagram is one of the popular social media apps available for Smartphone devices. It is currently owned by Facebook and has more than 300 million active monthly users. There are several extra features being added gradually and it is available for both IOS and Android devices.


Although there is a flaw available in the cropping system of Instagram. So, you need to go for other third-party apps (no Crop Apps for Instagram) which will help you in this purpose.  There is a large range of no crop apps available in the market for Instagram, which can be confusing for most of the users.

In this article, we will discuss no Crop Apps for Instagram.

Best No Crop Apps for Instagram:

No Crop Apps for Instagram

Every time you upload any image on Instagram, it will ask you to crop it before uploading. This will damage the integrity of the perfect picture which needs to be uploaded in your Instagram account.

These below mentioned no Crop Apps for Instagram will help you to upload the full picture without cropping it. Read the complete details of these apps before installing them from the below-provided link.

No Crop and Square for Instagram:

This particular application is developed by the developer Riley Cillian. Another high quality no crop app with various customization features. The application will offer you more than 40 filters which can add different effects on your picture.

This application will also offer you with multiple stylish fonts along with 3D emoticons which you can add in your photos. Apart from that you can flip and rotate, choose from 200 background designs and 400 stickers.

Square InPic – Photo Editor & Collage Maker:

This application is developed by Studio 8 apps and they are trying to provide the best no Crop Apps for Instagram. Even though this application is available for free, you will get to see several ads in the user interface.

They are only offering you specific features that are needed for un-cropping the image. But it is also offering a blurred background effect which will give you several basic tools to adjust it including contrast and brightness settings. 

Unclip – No Crop and Square for Instagram:

This particular application is launched recently, and still, it is considered as one of the best no Crop Apps for Instagram. It will give you multiple features along with a minimal user interface.

This application is focused on providing the best possible experience of no cropping of images and uploading on Instagram. It will allow you to add blur backgrounds along with any other images, which can be a great way to who invent your image.

You can easily set the ratio of any image just by zooming it in the user interface of the app.

Fit Size – Collage Maker Photo Editor:

This application works as the name states, it will give you the best possible option to square your image for Instagram. All the basic tools are available in the application which includes a 3D effect and the majority of the editing options.

Choose from more than 90 backgrounds which will make your image more appealing for Instagram. You can even choose from more than 300 collage templates which will help you to have more editing options.

Maker and Video Editor – Inshot:

InShot is one of the most preferable applications which is having multiple functionalities. It will not only help you to edit your photo which can be used for uploading in full for Instagram, but you can also edit videos.

Choose from theme borders and several premium filters which will make your photos more premium for your Instagram.

InstaSize – Photo Editing Made Easy:

InstaSize is offered by Munkee Apps Inc. which will help you to transform your photos into the best possible Outlook. Get to select from the equator ratios which is needed to upload the complete picture on Instagram.

You can choose from more than 80 filters which will enhance your photos in high quality. Multiple editing toolkit is also available where you can fine-tune your images easily.

InSquare Pic:

This application will give you a quick outcome for No Crop Apps for Instagram upload. you can adjust your image into any suitable ratio which will allow you to upload the full picture.

Apart from using this application for adjusting your photos for Instagram, you can also use it for editing photos that can be uploaded in WhatsApp or Facebook stories.

Square Quick:

This application is mainly famous for offering the best possible funny photo editing elements. You can use various editing tools in order to enhance your photos any way you wish to complete your outcome.

This application will give you the HD quality outcome and can be shared easily on any social media platform.

Pic – No Crop Photo Editor for Instagram:

Another powerful Photo Editor application which is used for customizing photos using various tools. This application is ma inly used for accepting the ratio for uploading it completely on Instagram.


Use all the advanced features available in the app to get the best possible outcome. 

Square Blur Pic – No Crop:

This application is used for adding a blurred background with an advanced tool kit. This application will allow you to choose from any pattern or color the need for adjusting the ratio of the image.

Easily resize and add any elements in the image and upload the result into your Instagram account.


Experience the perfect picture upload on your Instagram with these third-party apps in your device. We have collected complete information regarding the best no crop apps for Instagram from different sources and user reviews.

We have provided this information in this article for you. Share this useful article with others, so that they get choose the appropriate no Crop Apps for Instagram photo upload.

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