10 Best Gallery Apps for Android in 2020

Each and every element in technology is constantly evolving with great potential. The majority of the users are using smartphones, which are constantly needed for better performance and cameras. In order to innovate the gallery of our smartphone, we need to choose outside the inbuilt gallery apps which were provided by the manufacturer.


These delivery apps will help us organize the photos and videos which we capture in our device. In this article, we will discuss the best gallery apps for Android devices.

Top Gallery Apps Android Devices

10 Best Gallery Apps for Android

We have listed the top gallery apps available on Android devices along with full detail information. Download the affordable gallery apps from the below provided link in this article.


If you are looking for a clean and minimalistic gallery app then this application is appropriate for you. This application is having more than 15 million users mainly due to the quick actions and performance. You will get the best possible optimization experience along with their simple user interface.

This application will give the most features aimed for large screen smartphone devices. Multiple finger gesture will give you the best privacy feature in order to hide your files. Along with that, you will get several extra features that include support for online applications, image editor and ability to create folders.

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If you are using the latest version of Android devices, then this application will be much helpful. This is one of the fully implemented gesture control gallery app available for Android devices. You can easily manage and organize all your gallery files using this app.

This app is having a simple user interface that gives you to have the best performance. Just like most of the gallery apps, it will also give you several advanced features which include removing folders, hide albums, frequent access to cloud Service and folder creation.

Developer: DIUNE
Price: Free+

A+ Gallery

This app is much similar to the majority of the inbuilt gallery apps available in the Android device. It will give you the ability to browse and manage high-quality images in your device along with the advanced search feature. Due to the smooth performance, you can easily perform any task using this gallery app. Multiple customization features are also available in this gallery apps.

Foto Gallery

Another user-friendly gallery app, available for Android devices with a minimal user interface. Get the fast access of albums and files in your Android device and organized them quickly. Advanced features are also available which includes hiding private files and folders, changing app theme, scanning folders and creating new folders. 

Developer: Gion Lab
Price: Free+

F-Stop Gallery

This particular gallery app will give you the best performance along with excellent material design. You can easily download this application and does not require any in-app purchase for advanced features. You will get to have access to quick searching for any folders, bookmark, and tags.

This will help you to get your appropriate media file much faster than most of the gallery apps. There is a section available in this application where you will get recently added media files quickly.

Developer: Seelye Engineering
Price: Free

Simple Gallery

If you are not interested in having the advanced features in your gallery app then this will be perfect for you. This gallery app will fulfill all the basic requirements needed in a proper gallery app. Organize and categorize any media files and search them according to size, image format, and date.

This gallery app will automatically categorize every media file type according to their preferable formats. You can even change the view type of your gallery file which is appropriate for most of the users.

Camera Roll Gallery

Another good quality gallery app which will give you smooth performance with advanced features. Easily access any gallery files using the categorized tabs. You can easily search for any files according to their name, size and date. Apart from that, you will get multiple customization features along with advanced features that are mostly available in file explorer.

You can choose to change the appearance of the application along with hiding files and folders in your device.

Developer: Lukas Koller
Price: Free

MyRoll Gallery

This application is possibly one of the most well-known and easy to use Gallery application available in the market. This particular application will give you separate sections in order to access images and videos. This will help you to easily categorize the media files which are divided on the basis of images and videos.

It will also give you the ability to lock the media files and provides you with customization features. Easily create any folders and move files according to your preference using this application. 

Download Link>> MyRoll Gallery

Focus Picture Gallery

This app is rather different from most of the application which will give you the ability to add tags to your images. This application categorizes each and every image according to their added tags, and mostly tags are getting added to the images automatically.

This application will also offer you with volt option where you can hide specific media files in your Android device. Apart from that, you will also get advanced features along with customization options.

Developer: Francisco Franco
Price: Free+

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Google Photos

This is probably the most advanced Gallery application available for Android devices. This application is pre-installed in most of the Android devices which are running on pure Android and Android one. In case this application is missing from your Android device then you can always install it from the link. This application will give you unlimited storage space images and videos. 

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free


Easily organize your media files in your Android device using good quality gallery apps. We have collected complete information regarding the best gallery apps from various sources and user reviews.

We have posted that information in this article for you to choose the appropriate apps. Shared this innovative article with others so that they get to choose the best gallery apps for their Android device.