10 Best Free Vegan Apps For Android In 2020

Vegan food has quite been popular these days and have given birth to a new Vegan Industry! People are trying to avoid meals that include meat or animal products.


We have also created a list of Top 10 Vegan Apps which you can download on your android device.

It is a great initiative taken by people to become a vegan as it generates a healthy lifestyle, saves environment, and save animals.

What is Vegan?

Veganism is all about excluding animal products such as meat, fish, milk, eggs, etc. from your diet also not wearing anything that is made out of an animal such as leather jackets, belts, etc. Vegans cut very items of animal origin.

Here is the list of Top 10 Free Vegan Apps

1. Find Vegan Restaurants & Vegetarian Food- HappyCow

HappyCow is one of the best Vegan Apps because it is a healthy food locator app that lets you find Vegetarian and Vegan restaurants available in the application database.

You can search for plant-based restaurants anywhere in the world with more than 700,000+ reviews and can also find gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan restaurants near you.

It is available in more than 180+ countries!

You can also get an access to its community which will guide you for the taste you desire through reviews!

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2. Veganized – Vegan Recipes, Nutrition, Grocery List

Don’t want the trouble of going out and having outside food everyday? Me neither!

Veganized is a top application which is bundled with great recipes, nutrition value, and grocery list.

It is your complete cookbook for Vegan recipes may you be an expert or a beginner. It will also help you understand and track your nutrients intake every day.

You can plan your shopping list within the application and it will automatically update your shopping list and add all the things that are needed to be bought.

Isn’t it amazing?

3. 21-Day Vegan Kickstart

21 Day Vegan Kickstart, as the name suggests, it motivates you to turn into Vegan by providing healthy diet options from top nutrition experts.

It helps you to get started with plant-based diets such as meal plans, recipes, grocery lists, nutrition tips, and much more.

You can expect delicious dishes that are healthy and a better alternative for meat. The app will surely help to become a vegan within 21 days with all-vegan recipes. It is surely one of the best Vegan Apps that will empower you towards becoming a vegan and build your body organically.

You also get a high-resolution image of the step-by-step procedure to prepare your meals with dishes from all over the world.

4. Vegan Diet Plan

Vegan Diet Plan, as informative the application name is, it can be very helpful for whats inside the application.

The app offers a vegan diet plan from their nutrition and culinary experts that offer delicious and nutritionally balanced meals for Vegans.

Since they offer a diet plan for each and every meal according to requirements we have included this app in our list of Best Vegan Apps.

You also get access to various types of salads and how you can make them at home just by following a step by step procedure in a simple language.

Developer: Chelin Apps
Price: Free+

5. Vegan Food Cooking Game – Go Vegan

Vegan Food Cooking Game – Go Vegan is a super fun cooking game and an amazing vegan app.

The game has attractive graphics and sounds which makes it look very original! You can virtually learn how to cook food in the game rather than directly experimenting in a real environment.

They have tons of ingredients to make your food spicy and delicious just by following step by step instructions and you can start cooking now!

The application is totally free with no in app purchases so feel free to give this application a try!

6. Tasteful Vegan Recipes

Tasteful Vegan Recipes makes our list of best Vegan Apps because you can browse recipes in an organized manner through the category of your choice.

The applications also support to add your favorite recipes to a favorite list so that you can watch or try them out later.

The instructions are so easy that even kids can prepare meals using this application very quickly! You also have an option to search for your favorite recipes.

Price: Free

7. Vegan Life

Vegan Life, have your doubts about being a vegan? we recommend you to download this app from our list of the best vegan apps where you can learn what veganism is and can get all your doubts cleared.

This application will most probably answer all your questions as to why you should consider being vegan? What are the vegan substitutes? How can you cook vegan meals at your home? and much more.

It is like a wikipedia for Vegan people, where you get answer of all your questions.

Developer: Thomas Peikert
Price: Free

8. Quit Meat – Easiest Way to Become Vegan/Vegetarian

Quit meat is one of the best vegan apps which gives you an overview of how your way of living is making a change in the environment.

As a vegan out main aim is to protect animals and see no harm to them, so to be close to them, the application provides you with a database of amazing facts and numerous articles on animals for you to read.

You can also get great insights on your diet!

9. Vegan – Fresh Vegetables and Fruits

Vegan is an online store that aims to provide you with fresh vegetables and fruits. The application is organized and you can shop by category.

Their products are completely fresh and aim to deliver these products on time. It is one of the best Vegan Apps as it only delivers fruits and vegetables.

10. Vegan Finder – Local Restaurants Near Me

Want to find vegan restaurants near you? It couldn’t get much better than this app! Vegan Finder, finds you cruelty-free, safe, and healthy food restaurants near you.


The application has a very simple user interface, which provides a one-page view of the restaurants where you can get photos, details, addresses, and much more information on a single page view.

You can also add food photos of the restaurants you have visited and drop in a review for the other users, which can be a help to them.


So these are the top 10 free Vegan Apps that you should give a try! Which one is your favorite or you have used the most? If you think we have missed out on some of the best Vegan Apps then do let us know in the comment section below!