10 Best Free Useful Apps for Christmas To Make the Festival Jolly

Tis the season to be jolly! Yeah I know we have all been hearing this song for Christmas and looking forward to the holidays. Its time for celebration and we have decided to make your life jolly with these apps for Christmas which will take some load off from you and you can celebrate the festival with peace and happiness. From children to adults these apps for Christmas will fill your days with joy.


10 Best Free Apps for Christmas

1. Christmas Photo Frames, Effects & Cards Art

As the name suggests, the application is for Christmas photo frames and comes packed with 50+ beautifully designed templates. With the use of smartphone in daily life, it is very easy to create Christmas e-cards and send it to your loved ones with the help of this application.

You just have to choose a template from the collection they offer, add photos from the gallery, and if you want you can edit or add a test on the collage with amazing graphical effects. You can share this instantly with your loved ones through sharing it with them from within the application and also make some tweaks to offer them a personalized message. I know we saved a lot of time for you!

2. Christmas Gift List

Next on the list of useful apps for Christmas is Christmas Gift List application because it sometimes get really hard to keep a track of the gifts we have bought and gifts that we have sent to people. With the help of this application, you can set a budget on how much money you want to spend, how many gifts you are left to buy, and days left until Christmas.

You can easily create a list of people that you want to buy gifts for and assign them a budget if you have bought an item you can check it off the list and proceed to wrap the gift. This application will come in handy if you when there are a bunch of people that you want to gift. Though I am an introvert, I use this application to keep a track.

Developer: engApps
Price: Free+

3. Christmas Live Wallpaper

Make your phone come alive with these apps for Christmas live wallpapers where you can install the application and choose from the collection of live wallpapers from Christmas. The scene depicts a wooden window that is partly covered with snow and inside there is a candle burning to keep the house warm.

It gives you a warm feeling to keep this kind of wallpaper for Christmas festivities. You can customize the intensity of snowfall, the direction in which the wind is blowing and the speed of snowflakes. These apps for Christmas are good enough to keep you connected with the spirit of holidays.

4. Christmas Songs

One of the things that I love about Christmas is listening to the good old rhymes of Christmas and the thing that I dislike is I have to keep on finding them but with these apps for Christmas Songs, it becomes very easy to have all my Christmas songs in one place so that I don’t have to keep on searching. They also have cartoon video for your toddlers so that if you have work and want to engage your children with the spirit of Christmas, you can just open this application and show them Christmas video songs.

Developer: Mobiloids
Price: Free+

5. Christmas Photo Montage

We are all in for costumes during festivals but who has time to put on make up, get dressed, and still go to the part on time? Don’t worry we have got you these apps for Christmas which will make a great cover for all your social media profiles which lets you insert you face on top of the Christmas related costumes. Its a win-win situation for all of us isn’t it? It saves you time, money and efforts on top of that gives you more time with your loved ones rather than getting ready for a photo.

6. Christmas Story Maker

It is one of the best apps for Christmas because the application easily lets you create stores and images for you to share on various social media platforms such as Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, and many more with a single click. You can get access to frames of different layouts and just need to upload photos from the gallery and position them correctly and your work is done.

7. Farm Snow: Happy Christmas Story With Toys & Santa

Farm snow is like a business tycoon game for android which is one of the best apps for Christmas because you get to play with Santa Claus, Rudolph, Snowman, Penguin, and many more characters. You can own the town and create it the way you want. These apps for Christmas will uplift your spirit for the festival and you can enjoy them on your android smartphone.

8. Xmas Mahjong: Christmas Holiday Magic

We have all play Mahjong when we were young and now its time to refresh those memories with some Christmas twist. You also have access to hints if you are stuck while solving the puzzle and when you collect them, you can collect HD artworks and earn rewards.

8. Christmas Face Effects – Merry Christmas Camera

We have seen many photo editing apps over the years but this application is specific to have face effects related to Christmas. During holidays you can take pictures of your self and edit them using these apps for Christmas which will create a unique effect and can share on your social media directly through the application.

9. Sweet Baby Girl Christmas 2

Another app for Christmas that your children can play when you are busy. The application lets you decorate the characters, learn to cook food through enormous animations, make hair and beard of the beloved Santa Claus and many more. You get your hands on special gifts as you keep on leveling up.

Developer: TutoTOONS
Price: Free+

10. Christmas Ringtones 2020

Get in the mood this year with this apps for Christmas ringtones which will definitely set you in the mood for holidays whenever you phone rings unless you see that your boss is calling you for work on a holiday! Anyways, the application comes with a number of ringtones which are related to Christmas and you will love them.


So this is the list of 10 best free useful apps for Christmas that you should download on your phone to have a better Christmas and enjoy it as much as possible. Do let us know what are your views on these list of apps for Christmas in the comment section below.