Top 10 Best Free Alternatives of PUBG in 2020

PUBG is one of the best battle royale games played in India. Since its ban, we have created a list of best free alternatives of PUBG which has similar gameplay. Most of these games are similar to PUBG, for example, they are multiplayer action games for mobile with surviving 100 players classic battles, payload mode, and fast-paced 4 on 4 team deathmatch. They have different types of maps to choose from and different outfits for your player. Most of the games also have a skin for your weapons.


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Here is our list of Top 10 Best Free Alternatives of PUBG –

1. Call of Duty®: Mobile

Call of Duty is one of the most popular games since the era of Desktop Gaming. It made its debut a year back in 2019 and has been loved by a lot of people. Unlike its desktop version, it is specifically designed for mobile. It is one of the best alternatives of PUBG. It has similar gameplay like 100 player battle royale battleground. You can play with your friends and if you were a fan of it before they also have maps from Call of Duty®: Black Ops and Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®

2. Fortnite

Fortnite is one of the most popular games in the US. It has similar gameplay as PUBG with 100 players dropped onto a map with competing the opponents and be the last one standing on the battlefield. They have collaborated with Marvel and have a lot of features to turn your character into a Marvel Heroes or Villains of your choice. You can also shape the battlefield by building your own cover.

3. Creative Destruction

Creative Destruction is a survival game that features the utmost fun of building and firing. You will parachute down in Aladdin style in this do or die battle where you can wield creative weapons, race against the snowstorm, and find your inner beast to feast on the opponents. It is one of the best alternatives of PUBG. You have an option to fight like a lone wolf or go in with your pack, but there will always be surprises waiting for you to be explored.

Developer: NetEase Games
Price: Free+

4. Battlelands Royale

Battlelands Royale has made it to the list of top 10 best free alternatives of PUBG because it is specifically made for mobile and is a casual gun game for everyone to enjoy. There 32 players you will be competing and a 3-5 minute battles with non-stop action and thriller, just watch out for storm and try not to get caught in it. You can dominate the area in solo or join forces with other players on the field.

Developer: Futureplay
Price: Free+


PIXEL’S UNKNOWN BATTLE GROUND is one of the best-pixelated alternatives of PUBG. You can play in teams and they have tons of skins and characters to choose from. If you have a phone that cannot process high graphics, don’t worry, they have you covered with low graphics option so that even devices with weaker performance can run effortlessly. They have 30 plus weapon types, in-game cars, and military vehicles such as tanks and Helicopters.

6. Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival

Hopeless Land is a survival shooting game you have never tried before. It can support up to 121 players fight in one fatal survival game at the same time. You also have an option to drive a helicopter and experience air to land modern fighting techniques you have never experienced before. There are no device barriers, no matter what phone you use, you can play this game. It is one of the best alternatives of PUBG. There are various Asian style buildings in the game which are inspired by real constructions.

7. Modern Ops – Online FPS (Gun Games Shooter)

Modern Ops is one of the best alternatives of PUBG because it has very easy and intuitive controls with vivid 3D Graphics and exciting Gameplay. There are more than 30 modern guns, pistols, and ammo you can choose from while entering the battle. You can choose your own shooting tactics for battles such as sniper, shotgun, machine guns, and assault rifles. They have varieties of maps waiting for you to explore.

8. Infinity Ops: Online FPS

Infinity Ops: Online FPS is a Multiplayer FPS in a sci-fi setting. It has great graphics for a better Gameplay. It is one of the best alternatives of PUBG because it has fantastic 3D Graphics with optimization for devices with low technical characteristics. You can also choose graphics options according to your phone. There are different types of game modes for your interest such as Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, Hardcore, and Custom Game. Try out this game and let us know which game mode you like the most.

9. Grand Battle Royale: Pixel FPS

 If you like military blocky pixel games and battle royale games then you will definitely like Grand Battle Royale! If you like pixelated games then this is one of the best alternatives of PUBG. The location of the battleground is situated in a mysterious dead city with a blue zone coming close at each interval of time. You have to keep surviving and kill all your enemies to win the battle and show off your battle strategies.

10. Garena Free Fire: 3volution

Garena Free Fire: 3volution is one of the best alternatives of PUBG because it is one of the best shooter games available on mobile. It’s every 10-minute game that places you remotely on an island where you compete with 49 players and the only motive its to survive and use your battleground strategies to with the first place. You should try out this amazing game and do let us know if you liked it in our comment section below!


So we have prepared the list of top 10 best free Alternatives of PUBG, if you think that we are missing out on some amazing games then do let us know in the comment section. also let us know which games did you like or play the most during the lockdown.