10 Best Emoji Apps for Android

Chatting is the most common way of communication between different persons using their smartphone devices. Just like ancient times, symbolic pictures are also trending nowadays for communication purposes. Nowadays they are well known as emojis, and one of the most popular ways of communication in Smartphone devices.


But the most difficult thing about each and every user is to find the appropriate emoji while chatting with anyone. In this article, we will discuss the best emoji apps for Android devices. 

Top Emoji Apps for Android Devices

Top Emoji Apps for Android Devices

These are the top emoji apps that are available for Android devices. Read the details regarding this emoji as before installing them from the provided link in this article.


This particular application can be used as both keyboards and also having the support of emoji. You need to select this application as the preferred keyboard in your Android device to continue. You can also select any language from the keyboard which can be used but similar to the default keyboard available in your Android device.

This application will offer you more than 3000 emojis, along with that you can also use the gesture control for typing. You will get the fine-tune the emojis which is much similar to WhatsApp emojis.

Mirror Avatar Maker

This application will let you create your own Avatar and add them to the keyboard. But it will also give you the option to use it as an emoji keyboard. You need to capture a picture using this application which will help you to create your personalized cartoon character.

You will get to use from 1500 personal stickers, emojis, gifs and cartoon Avatar with more than 40 different emotions. Application is having support for more than 20 languages which can be selected from the settings of the app.


Ai.type is one of the best emoji apps for android that will give you the functionality of both the keyboard and the emoji app. Just like the majority of the applications, it will also offer you with gifs support. Use the custom search option for finding any emojis and gifs, which can be used for quick sending to your friends and family.

You will get to choose from more than 2000 emojis from the application. Easy customization is also available in this application for the usage of emojis in the chats.

Developer: ai.type
Price: Free


The majority of the Android users are already using the SwiftKey keyboard, and this is the companion that comes with it. This particular keyboard is focused on providing the best emojis to the Android platform. All the customization features including flesh tones are also included in this application.

Most importantly you will get to find all the emojis from the different platforms in this application. It will also give you the smart suggestion feature which will give you a solution to the frequently used emojis according to the behavior of the user.

Download Link>> Swiftmoji


This particular application is rather different from all the application which we have listed in this article. This application will replace the default SMS application in any Android device. You will get all the customization features along with theme change support.

You will get to choose from a wide range of emojis and gifs to choose from to send them to your friends and family. You will get all the emojis that are available on major platforms in the same place.

Kika Keyboard 2020

This emoji app for android will give you support for more than 60 languages around the globe with the best emoji support. Apart from that, you can choose from various famous themes from the list. you can even use your own photos for applying as the theme in the keyboard.

You will get the support for more than 5000 emojis and emoticons which includes all the famous emojis used in major platforms. 


This application is probably the best keyboard app which is much faster compared to most of the apps. This application is not offering any swipe gesture which makes it much faster. Rather than that, they are choosing to have large keys design which is much easier for everyone to type. Use the customization feature for upgrading the keyboard.

Choose from the massive library of emojis to send them in any apps according to your preference. You will also get to have the support for gifs, which is also having a huge collection within the app.

Go Keyboard

This is the most customizable keyboard application available in the market for Android users. You can use all the traditional and swiping method for typing along with advanced adjustments. Get to choose from all the major emojis from various platforms around the globe.

It also learns the behavior of the user and suggests appropriate emojis and words.


This is the default keyboard application available in all the pure Android and Android one smartphone devices. In case your manufacturer is not providing you with this inbuilt application then you can easily download it from the Google Play Store.

This keyboard is developed by Google itself and offers support for more than 120 languages. You will get a large range of emojis, gifs and sticker support for any application in the device.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free


This particular application frequently became famous due to the ability to create their own bitmoji based on their character. Apart from that, you will also get all the basic emojis available on other keyboards mint platforms within this application. 

Developer: Bitmoji
Price: Free

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Communicate with your friends and family in a unique way with attractive emojis in your smartphone devices. We have collected complete information about the most useful emoji apps from different sources and user reviews. We have listed those emoji apps with property details in this article for you.

Share this informative article about the best emoji apps for android with others, so that they get to choose the best emoji apps for their Android devices.