10 Best Dog Whistle Apps for Android

Pets are the best companion for any human being, which makes it similar to having a family member. Each and every person is having the appropriate choice of pets. But dogs are the most common choice and they are the most loyal and trustworthy companion.


Every dog owner is a different community of people, and they use different applications about their effects. Each and every dog owner need to have a proper routine for the pets, which can be done with specific apps for training. In this article, we will discuss the best dog whistle apps available for Android devices.

Top Dog Whistle Apps for Android Devices:

These are the best dog whistle apps available for Android devices which we have listed in this article for you. Read the complete details regarding these dog whistle apps before downloading them from the below-provided link. 


This application is the best way in which you can train your dog with pet commands using different signals. This application is having inbuilt clicker which needed to be clicked for training your dog. As per various studies, a dog can hear any sound within 0.8 seconds, after that they react on the command which they need to be executed. This clicker feature will get the attention of your dog and help you to train in different actions.

Dog Whistle App – High-Frequency Generator

Another application that can be used for training dogs for performing various actions. Before you get started you need to set the frequency and the volume and then you need to execute the sound from the bottom of your screen. In case there is no reaction provided by the dog then it is recommended to change the frequency and increase the signal strength. Each and every setting and control is available with a simple user interface, so there is not much action needed to find them.

Dog Whistle with Training Lessons:

Most of the cases dogs can take more time to execute any action on need what time to insist them on training. This application offers complete guidelines for dog training lessons with an ultrasonic whistle. The frequency of the whistle can be adjusted from the settings, which is much needed for gaining the attention of the dog. First, you need to associate the training period with simple tasks which will give the dog to gain confidence in the procedure.

Anti-Dog Whistle:

This particular application is having the ability to generate high-frequency sound between 12000 Hz to 44000 Hz. Although this frequency cannot be heard by human beings, dogs can easily hear them. This application is designed in such a way which will give you the most user-friendly interface with maximum control with a simple design. Although it is entirely depending on the quality of the speakers which you are having in your Android device.

Dog Whistle:

Each and every dog owner is having the dream of the obedient dog, which can only happen to you by properly training them. This high-frequency whistle can easily train the dog apart from using the human voice. Each and every human voice is filled with emotions but dog-whistle is having a similar frequency which is much easier for Dog to get trained. 

Developer: Zbigi
Price: Free

Dog Training, Whistle, Clicker, and Sounds:

If you are a new dog owner then this application is recommended especially for you id you are looking for dog whistle app. This application will offer you with all the useful tools needed for training your dog properly. You will get all the proper step by step instructions along with multi-purpose clicker in the same app. This application will also give you the option to choose between three different types of clickers and a squeaky toy. All the detailed instructions for proper dog training are offered by a professional dog trainer Phil Carton.

Dog Whistle – High-Frequency Tone Dog Trainer:

This application is used for multipurpose reasons which can be used as a training dog as well as for keeping yourself secure from harm. You simply with you to set the right frequency for your dog, in return, it will give the experience of humility, fear and various other feelings. If you are not familiar with these kinds of applications then you can always use the reset frequency. This application is available for free and can be installed on the SD card also.

Dog Whistle – Train dog:

Simple dog whistle application that will be offering with a simple interface with 4 tabs. In the first tab, you will get the clicker and on the second tab, there are multiple training commands which you can use on your dog. Use the proper instructions provided in this application to train your dog.

Developer: Zbigi
Price: Free

Dog Whistle App. Train your dog:

Dog whistle can not only be used for training your dog, but it is also used for stopping annoying habits. It uses specific ultrasonic frequency to do so which can only be heard by the pets.

Anti-Dog Wh istle Sound:

The basic use of this application is to keep away the aggressive dog barking towards you. You need to choose the appropriate frequency, but the usefulness is entirely depending on the size and breed of the dog. Read the guidelines provided in the application to properly use the application.


To properly train Your dogs by using special whistle apps are available for Smartphone devices. We have gathered complete information regarding these whistle apps from online research and user reviews. We have posted that information in this article for a better understanding of the dog’s training apps. Share this informative article with others, so that they get to know about the top dog with apps available for Android devices.