10 Best Dictionary Apps for Android

Technology is used for completing every task, which is one of the greatest developments. Smartphones are having apps for various tasks that can be easily completed. Among various apps, these dictionary apps can be useful in daily life which will help you to improve the vocabulary.


There are multiple dictionary apps available for Android devices, but we will talk about the best apps. It is not recommended to keep a dictionary app in your Android device which can be helpful in many ways. In this article, we will discuss the 10 best dictionary apps for Android devices.

10 Best Dictionary Apps for Android Devices:

These are the best dictionary apps that we have listed in this article for you. Read the complete details of these apps before installing them from the below-provided link.

1. Advanced English Dictionary and Thesaurus:

This application is one of the best dictionary apps, and it is having more than 1.4 million words. There are several unique features available in this application which include Meronyms, Synonyms, Hypernyms, Antonyms, etc. Most importantly this application will provide you with offline support.

You will also get to see the definition of the word copied from another application into the dictionary app. This particular application needs to be activated by in-app purchases, and if you want to use the application for free then you need to disable it.

2. Dict.cc:

This application is also one of the most favorite and the best Dictionary apps due to the support for every language available in the world. Just like any other Dictionary app, you will get to see all the definitions in one place. One of the most unique features of this application is that it is also having a translation feature which can translate any word into 51 different languages.

The major focus of this Dictionary app is on German and English language. This Dictionary app is also having offline support, but you will get to see annoying ads while using it. Premium version of the app will have a vocabulary tracker, trivia game along with no ads.

Developer: Paul Hemetsberger
Price: Free+

3. Dict Box Offline Dictionary:

If you are looking for an offline version of the dictionary app then this one is best for you. This application is having support for almost every language including German and English. You will get the option to download the dictionary in any language according to your preference.

You can download multiple languages for any single language according to your usage. This application will offer you with all the basic features including audio pronunciation, correction of words, etc. 

4. Dictionary by The Free Dictionary:

If you are looking for the free option of dictionary then this application will be definitely helpful for you. You can find any word in this dictionary which will be e show me the result from the American Heritage dictionary, webster’s dictionary and Roget’s Thesaurus.

Easily translate a sentence in 40 different languages even more. This application is available for free but it will be clogged with ads, but you can go for the pro version to have a clean user interface.

5. Dictionary.com:

This is one of the most famous dictionary applications available for Android devices. This application will offer you various features which include translator in 30 different languages, word of the day, the actual pronunciation of words and the origins of the words.

Most importantly they have also included slang dictionary, phrases, and idioms. you will also get to have a medical dictionary which is much helpful for most of the users.

6. English Dictionary:

Another free dictionary application is available for Android devices which are having a word base of more than 240000 words. There are lots of features included in this application that are not available in most dictionary apps. There is a feature called randomizer which will generate random words for you.

They have also included the theme option which can be changed between white and dark themes. They have also included transition effect which looks like you are flickering to a book while changing page.

Developer: Livio
Price: Free

7. Google Search:

Basically, this is not an official Dictionary app but it can be used for searching any words. You can use both text or voice command for searching for different words throughout the internet. This application is integrated with Google now feature, which makes it much easier to get in hands with word search instantly.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

8. Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

Another most recommended dictionary application which is most preferable among the uses. They have also included multiple features which makes it much easier to use. You can also use the audio pronunciation and word of the day feature just like any other App.

9. Pocket Thesaurus:

Another well-known application which can be used for understanding the English language. This application can cover more than 90000 words along with proper definition. This application is available for free but you can go for the premium version to get rid of annoying ads.

Developer: Conem Labs
Price: Free+

10. WordWeb:

This dictionary application is featuring 285000 words along with 225000 definitions of the words in this application. You can also check the pronunciation of the words using the audio pronunciation feature. 

Developer: WordWeb Software
Price: Free

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Last Words:

Improving your vocabulary and learning languages is now much easier with dictionary apps. We have collected complete data regarding dictionary apps online research and user reviews. You have posted that detail information in this marketing for you to choose the better app. Share this informative article with others, so that they get to choose the best dictionary app for their Android device.