10 Best Free Backup and Restore Apps for Android

There are many possibilities where you can lose your data, so in order to avoid that from happening, you need to install backup and restore apps on your android device. Even if you are changing your phone, or your phone is stolen, or the phone is not in a condition to function, the most important thing that we lose is data so it is highly recommended that you install a backup and restore app on your android smartphone as it can come in handy at any moment. to make it easy for you, we have created a list of free backup and restore applications for android.


There are three ways to take a backup and restore on your android smartphone

1. Take Backup on SD Card

Take Backup on SD Card

You can take a backup of your phone on to the SD card using one of the application mentioned below. It is the traditional way of taking backup unless your phone does not have a slot for memory card then I suggest use one of the other methods mentioned below.

2. Taking Backup on Laptop or PC

Take Backup on Laptop or PC

You can take a backup of you phone to the PC or laptop occasionally so that you don’t have to worry about losing your data. However, this is a manual process and is time consuming but the backup will be stored in your Laptop or PC and you can restore it anytime you want.

3. Take Backup on cloud

Take Bakup on Cloud

In this way, you can take backup on cloud which can be accessible anytime. There are various applications available in the Play Store which provide this functionality and it is an automated process so you don’t have to do any work or worry about your data. You can take a backup and restore it anytime you want.

List of 10 Best Free Backup and Restore Apps for Android

1. G Cloud Backup

G Cloud is one of the best backup and restore apps from the play store through which migration of your data is done with ease. The application has the functionality to automatically take a backup of the files that you have selected to the cloud and when you want you can restore them back.

If you are changing your phone and want to transfer data from one phone to another, it’s very easy with this application. You just have to log in to the application and it will automatically detect that this is a new phone and transfer all the data to your new phone. Taking backup and restoring has never been easier before.

Developer: Genie9 LTD
Price: Free+

2. Backup & Restore

The application has made it to the list of backup and restore apps for android because it not only does what the name of the application is, it also provides additional features like transferring files between two devices, sharing the file to a third-party application. The application also provides you with the ability to change the path of your backup with ease. Also, you can take a backup of the apks and restore it with versions that you have selected.

Price: Free

3. Super Backup & Restore

Super backup is yet another free backup and restore app for Android; it also lets you to backup apps, contacts, bookmarks, calendars, call logs and messages. You can schedule automatic backups based on time intervals. If your device have built-in storage, the default backup location will be internal but you can change the path in settings. In addition to this, it can also backup your data to your Gmail account.

Developer: MobileIdea Studio
Price: Free+

4. Backup and Restore – App, Contacts, Sms, Call logs

With this backup and restore app you can easily take backups in your SD card also you can take backups of the applications. You have the option to take backup on email and also quickly restore applications from the storage. Also, you can take the backup of SMS, call logs, and contacts and store them wherever you choose to. You also get an option to choose where you want to store the backup and change its storage location easily within the application.

5. Apps Backup and Restore

Apps Backup and Restore is one of the best backup and restore apps for android because it provides you with all the necessary features that you are looking for such as taking backup of the applications to the SD card or internal storage, whichever option you choose. You also have a feature to take auto backups over a period of time which is amazing so that you don’t have to take backups manually.

Developer: touchfield
Price: Free

6. My Backup Pro

This app works on most android devices and supports the most content. It uses a PIN number in order to access the backup and stored data. The restoration process is in fact really easy on this app. The data can be saved to the developer’s secure servers or onto your SD card. The types of data which can be backup by using My Backup Pro are Photos, Videos, Music, Messages, Contact, Apps, Call logs and every other important thing.

Developer: Rerware, LLC
Price: $6.99+

7. Backup and Restore All

The application has made to the list of 10 best free backup and restore apps because of its clean interface and light weight application. When you open the application, you can a categorical view which lets you take backups in an organized manner that makes it easy when you wish to restore it. You can take backups of applications, calendar, images and many more with ease through this backup and restore application.

8. Titanium Backup ★ root needed

This is the best and most popular backup and restore app out there for Android but what resists normal users to use this app is it requires the Root access to work. So if your device is a rooted one there is no other app is better than this. By using this app you can backup and restore your data and apps to your SD card, PC or to the cloud. It also has features like apps freezer, encryption, convert user apps to system apps and vice-versa, unlimited schedules and a lot more

9. All Backup & Restore

The backup and restore application is categorized in 5 different options namely applications, contacts, messages, call logs, and calendar. This makes it easy to navigate and results in less ambiguity. You also have the option to select what all things you want to take backups of. Also when the backup is done, you have the option to view the files of which you have taken backup and also delete the unwanted files easily.

Developer: SuriDevs
Price: Free+

10. App Backup & Restore -Super App Backup & Restore

Last but not the least, the application has made it to the list of 10 best backup and restore apps for android because of its simple layout and easy user interface that does not have complex options. Even beginners can configure this application as it has simple options and also you have dark theme as it is one of the features that has been trending for sometime now. It is a basic backup and restore application that can easily take backups to your SD cards or internal storage.


So this the list of 10 best free backup and restore applications for android that will help you in taking backup in one of the three ways mentioned above. Cloud backup is one of the easiest and most reliable ways to store your backup and access it whenever you want. Do let us know what you think of this list in the comment section below. Follow Above Android on Facebook, Instagram, and Google News to receive daily updates.