10 Best Apps for Accounting In India For Small Businesses In 2020

Accounting is one of the most essential part of every business in the world.


To make it easy for you, we have made a list of Top 10 best apps for accounting in India.

You should have one of this application in order to organize your whole process and make it easy to analyze Data.

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What is Accounting?

Accounting is the way towards recording Financial exchanges related to business. The accounting cycle incorporates summing up, breaking down, and announcing these exchanges to oversight offices, controllers, and assessment assortment elements.

The budget reports utilized in accounting are a compact rundown of Financial exchanges over an accounting period, summing up an organization’s activities, budgetary position, and incomes.

Now that you know what is accounting, you have understood the importance and impact it can create on a business positively.

Types of Accounting –

1. Financial Accounting

Financial accounting alludes to the cycles used to produce between time and yearly budget reports. The aftereffects of all budgetary exchanges that happen during an accounting period are summed up into the monetary record, salary articulation, and income proclamation. The budget summaries of most organizations are inspected every year by an outer CPA firm. For a few, for example, traded on an open market organization, reviews are a lawful prerequisite. However, moneylenders additionally ordinarily require the aftereffects of an outside audit yearly as a feature of their obligation agreements.

2. Managerial Accounting 

Managerial accounting utilizes a great part of similar information as Financial Accounting, however, it composes and uses data in various manners. Specifically, in Managerial accounting, an accountant creates month to month or quarterly reports that a business’ supervisory group can use to settle on choices about how the business works. Managerial accounting additionally envelops numerous different aspects of accounting, which includes planning, anticipating, and different budgetary investigation apparatuses.

3. Cost Accounting

Similarly, as managerial accounting assists organizations with settling on choices about management, cost accounting assists organizations with settling on choices about costing. Basically, cost accounting considers the entirety of the costs identified with delivering an item. Examiners, Chiefs, entrepreneurs, and accountants utilize this data to figure out what their items should cost. In cost accounting, cash is given a role as a monetary factor underway.

Let’s get to the best apps for accounting in India Now!

List of Top 10 Best Apps for Accounting –

1. Invoice & Billing: Estimate, Inventory, Accounting

Managing your business has never been easier, use this amazing application to manage invoice, billing, expenses, ledger, GST, and much more.

It helps you in managing and recording daily billing records and generating billing reports for a selected period.

It allows you to manage your whole business at your fingertips through the application. You will also be able to view business reports, once the invoices and bills are generated.

It is a one-stop solution for tracking your expense, inventory management, billing, and accounting software. It is one of the best apps for accounting for small businesses.

2. GST Accounting App – Zoho Books

Zoho is one of the top leading Book-keeping (Accounting) software company in this market.

It is a GST compliant accounting application that helps you to keep a track of each and every transactions.

With the help of this application, you can send invoices, create bills, monitor expenses, and collaborate with your team right away from this mobile application.

They also have a feature of recurring invoices, which enables you to automatically create invoices for regular transactions.

If you are having an e-commerce business or an offline store, you should check out this application, it is one of the best apps for accounting with amazing features and quality.

3. Book Keeper – GST Accounting, Invoicing, Inventory

Book Keeper is a GST ready application for Indian Businesses.

It provides you with a 30-Day Free Trial period in which it offers unlimited usage of all of its features.

You can create unlimited accounts, inventory, companies, and transactions in this trial period. Hence it has made to the list of top 10 best apps for accounting.


You also have the ability to invoice fields like quantity, add a custom logo to your invoices, add a signature for better validation and authority.

Access to an in-depth analysis of your financial reports with 30+ comprehensive reporting techniques. Also, have the facility to sync data over all your devices with the storage system in Dropbox.

You also have the ability to collaborate with your team members and provide them with appropriate access to the role manager system incorporated in the application.

4. Accounting Bookkeeping – Invoice Expense Inventory

Accounting Bookkeeping is a simple business accounting, invoice, and inventory management application.

The application supports the input taxing system where you can input credits for VAT/GST etc. on purchases and offsetting it on taxes payable against the sale. It is one of the best apps for accounting.

You can also enable the inventory management module through which you can keep track of your products. It will directly reduce inventory levels on a product sale and increase when a purchase is made.

The application also has an intuitive Dashboard that features –

– Sales / Purchases this month
– Payments Received / Paid this month
– Expenses incurred this month
– Profits earned this month with summary calculation
– Net Payables/ Receivables outstanding
– Current balances in Bank Account and Cash Account

Isn’t this just an amazing application from the list of best apps for accounting?

5. Ledger Book to Manage Credit, Expense & Income

Ledger Book is a free and one of the best apps for accounting!

This application helps you in managing your customers credit and debit entries. The app is very simple to use.

The application is 100% secure and gives you many options to take a backup of your data such as cloud storage, export as an excel sheet, and many more. Hence making its way to the list of best apps for accounting.

It also works without internet connection. Yes! you heard it right, the application works in an offline mode too!

You also have a dashboard in this application that provides you a summary of your advances and due amounts on a single screen.

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6. Business Accounting

Business Accounting is a system application developed specifically for accounting and warehouse.

It has a friendly interface and you will be able to learn how to operate this application easily in very less time.

You get a complete management of stocks, goods and inventory. You also have the option to print the reports created in the application. Hence it has made to the list of best apps for accounting.

You can also print labels and barcode labels directly from the application itself.

The application also supports all currencies, so you businessman have business in foreign countries don’t have to worry about currency exchange.

Developer: Golden-Accounting
Price: Free+

7. Tally On Mobile [TOM-PA 4.5]

Tally is one of the most used accounting softwares in India.

This is not the application provided by the original Tally Accounting software maker.

Its structure, layout, screens, and operations highly resembles to the original accounting software Tally.

You also get a free trial license period for 30 days or entering 100 vouchers, whichever is early.

You can create masters and transactions in the application where you can enter all sorts of an account such as Capital, Assets, Debtors, Creditors, and so on. Hence made to the list of best apps for accounting.

You can also track your daily expenses and transactions by entering payment details, receipt, sales, and purchase.

You can generate all sorts of reports such as Daybook, Ledger, Registers, Trial Balance. Final reports – Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Ac. [Grouped or Detailed – both formats]. It is one of the best apps for accounting.

8. Account Manager – Personal Ledger Book

Account Manager has made to the list of top 10 best apps for accounting because it has a very simple design and layout.

The application also offers password protection so that you can keep your daily income and expense transactions safe.

The application is so simple to use that it does not require any training or prior accounting knowledge.

You can share all your transaction details that you have generated in PDF or Excel file format very easily.

It is a complete offline application so you do not have to worry about your data being stolen and with password protection, that is a second layer of security right there.

Multiple currencies are also supported.

9. My Cash Book – Accounting Book Udhar Bahi Khata

My Cash Book is one of the best apps for accounting in India with an analytical dashboard which shows you your cash flow.

The application helps you manage your credit, debit, income, expense, and day to day transactions very efficiently.

They have different types of backup options such as cloud and local backup. Don’t trust cloud services, then go for local backups and you can restore it anytime you want.

It has an intuitive dashboard which gives you a complete summary of your advances and due amounts in one single screen.

The application also has the facility to send you reminders of due dates for a particular entry.

10. Simple Accounting

Simple accounting has made to the list of top 10 best apps for accounting because it has very simple design and easy to understand.

You can also call this application as a mobile-friendly handy cashbook.

It has multilingual support for languages such as English, Hindi, Urdu, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, French, Russian, Malay, and Chinese.

Database is stored in your storage so there is no need for online storage and keeps your data just to yourself, making is secure on your device.

You can take backups via Google Drive, Dropbox and email, so that you can restore it anytime you want.

You can also generate reports according to your requirements and in different formats such as graphical, cumulative transaction report, and many more. You also have the ability to export these reports.


So we hope that you have received all the information that you needed. These are the list of top 10 best apps for accounting in India for Small Business. These applications can help you manage and organize your business cashflow. You also get the data on how you can run your business efficiently and make great progress through these apps for accounting.

Let us know which app you like the most from this list of best apps for accounting in the comment section below!