10 Best Free Android Lock Screen Apps in 2020

Android lock screen apps were one of the most popular applications that were downloaded during the start of Android Phones. Recently stock android provides lots of functionalities for the lock screens and notifications that are available on the lock screen. Still, there are some functionalities that are missing from the stock android that users are interested to have on their Android Phone. So we have prepared a list of the top 10 android lock screen apps. These lock screen apps also provide maximum security and privacy.


Here we have prepared a list of Top 10 Best Free Android Lock Screen Apps –

1. Solo Locker (DIY Locker)

Solo locker was formerly known as DIY Locker. There are different types of unlocking options available through this android lock screen apps such as photo passcode, pattern passcode, and pin passcode. You can use a photo as a passcode option to unlock your phone. They also have beautiful customizations available to insert various widgets into your lock screen.

Developer: newborntown
Price: Free+

2. KLCK Kustom Lock Screen Maker (Early Access)

KLCK is one of the most powerful and the most customizable lock screen application ever made. With this application, you have the authority to create any kind of layout that you desire to have on your lock screen. You can have access to different types of skins and components you can play around. They also have different types of text with custom fonts, colors, sizes, and effects.

3. Floatify Lockscreen

Floatify Lockscreen is one of the best android lock screen apps available on the Android Playstore. It has different themes that you can apply for your lock screen. You can directly reply from the lock screen and have predefined replies stored so that you do not have to type the same message again and again. You can also set filters for messages from the settings, set up quiet hours for not getting disturbed.

Developer: Jawomo
Price: Free

4. Hi Locker – Your Lock Screen

Hi Locker has three different styles to unlock your phone such as classic, Lollipop, and iOS style. The application has the ability to show upcoming events and weather updates directly on your lock screen for a preset amount of time. Hi locker will automatically greet you based on time and make you feel more like a friend than an application. You can enter your name or a quote or a status on your lock screen, It may be funny or motivational, the choice is up to you.

5. Blackr: AMOLED Display Off & Black Screen Overlay

Blackr simulates a lock screen state over any application and does not stop the application from running. It has a simple and smart design that has a lot of use cases. It works best with OLED, AMOLED that switches off any pixels that display true black color hence saving your battery. We highly recommend using this application only if your device has OLED or AMOLED screen or else it would not be of any use to you and your battery will be drained without your knowledge. Hence the application has made to the list of top 10 android lock screen apps.

6. AcDisplay

AcDisplay provides you a new way of handling notification in android from the lock screen. It has made to the list of top 10 android lock screen apps because of its minimalistic and beautiful design allowing you to access notifications directly from the lock screen. You can also enable an active mode that uses sensors of your phone to know when you have it in your hand and wake your screen accordingly.

Developer: Artem Chepurnoy
Price: Free+

7. Gesture Lock Screen

Gesture Lock Screen gives you an advanced option to unlock your phone with gestures. There are various settings available to customize the gesture options for your phone. It is also capable of giving you information about intruders who are trying to open your phone without your permission. It will send you an email with a photo attached to the person who tried to unlock your phone.

Developer: Q Locker
Price: Free+

8. LokLok: Draw on a Lock Screen

LokLok is an android lock screen apps that make your lock screen less boring. It replaces your lock screen with a whiteboard that is always in sync with you and whoever you are connected to. You can draw on the lock screen and send them handwritten messages directly on their lock screen. They also have great stickers available for you to use.

9. Start

Start has made to the list of top 10 android lock screen apps because it offers a variety of free wallpapers and backgrounds to make your phone look unique. You can get all news and the latest videos from the start. Your notifications are prioritized according to your importance so that you do not miss out on important notifications.

Developer: Start_Magazine
Price: Free

10. Ava Lockscreen

Ava Lockscreen is one of the best android lock screen apps available on the android play store because it has all the brilliant features of Android and iOS. With this application, you can check all your notifications on the lock screen and access your widgets just by swiping right. You can create custom shortcuts to open applications or access any utilities.

Developer: Jawomo
Price: Free+


So we have created a list of the 10 Best Free Android Lock Screen Apps for you. If you think that we are missing out on some great applications then do let us know in the comment section below! Cheers!