Top 10 Best Alternatives of CamScanner for Android

Best Alternatives of CamScanner are highly in demand right now as the app has been banned in India with many other Chinese applications over National Security concerns. CamScanner was one of the most popular applications in India for scanning pages and converting them into PDF format. But now as the application is banned in India, we have come up with the best alternatives of CamScanner application that you can use easily.


Why Should You Use Alternatives of CamScanner?

As I mentioned earlier that the applications are banned in India and if you are still using the application, it may become a potential threat and hence we advise you to move on to one of the alternatives stated below. The functions of these applications are almost similar to that you have seen in CamScanner and does not come with threat issue. Let’s get to the list of Top 10 Best Alternatives of CamScanner for Android that you can use for yourself.

10 Best Alternatives of CamScanner for Android

1. Clear Scan: Free Document Scanner App, PDF Scanning

Clear Scan is one of the best alternatives of CamScanner because it is even better than CamScanner and offers a variety of features for free. With the help of this application, you can easily convert a photo into a PDF but also it comes integrated with OCR which means that it will automatically detect text in your PDF files and you will be able to search text from the file. You can easily share the files on any platforms that you wish to and saving on Google Drive or Dropbox have never been easier. Just with one click, you can easily save your files on the cloud.

2. Simple Scan – Free PDF Scanner App

The second on the list of the best alternatives of CamScanner is Simple Scan because as the name suggests, it is one of the simplest cam scanners for android. When you are done taking photos and converting them into PDF files, you even have the option to edit the file later on. It is one of the best application to use if you are looking to add a signature on the PDF file or just want to add remarks.

One of the features that I liked the most about this application is that you can add tags to your files which can make the searching of files easy. This feature could come in handy when you have lots of files present on your phone.

3. Scanner App To PDF – TapScanner

An android application for all your scanning needs, from QR code scanner to scanning your document, it is one of the best alternatives of CamScanner. The application makes it easy to manage and organize the files and also lets you scan QR Codes and convert them into text, emails, and links which is quite helpful. It also comes with cloud integration and allows you to take backup in your Google Drive, Dropbox accounts and many more services are available.

4. Kaagaz Scanner – Cam Scanner, Indian PDF Maker

Kaagaz Scanner comes with a number of features and is completely free to use making it worthy to appear on the list of best alternatives of CamScanner. You can easily add custom watermark for your PDF files after scanning them through your smartphone. You can even enhance the quality of scanned PDF with the use of a feature called magic colour which will help you in enhancing the scan quality of a PDF file. You can use this application in 9 different languages that include Hindi, English, Kannada, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, Malayalam, Bengali, and Tamil.

5. Mini Scanner -Free PDF Scanner App

An interesting thing about the Mini Scanner is that it supports all the devices that run Android 3 and above. I think that this will be the only application who still has support for lower Android versions. The application is quite useful and is easy to take pictures and convert them into PDF files. It also comes with OCR functionality and sharing of files is also easy through the application and is a great alternatives of CamScanner.

6. PDF Document Scanner

PDF Document scanner as the name suggests is one of the alternatives of CamScanner that you can use to scan documents through the help of your smartphone. It comes with various features such as automatic cropping which can save some time for you. Also, it comes with a number of filters that you can apply to your PDF document that can provide a clear and crisp quality of the document.

Developer: ViewAI Lab
Price: Free+

7. PDF Scanner – Scan documents, photos, ID, passport

PDF scanner has made to the list of 10 best alternatives of CamScanner because it is one of the easiest applications that you can use to scan documents and convert them into working PDF files. You also have the option to select the size of paper which include A3, A4, A5, letter, postal, and legal. Also, you have the option to set a password for the file which will help you in protecting the file from unintended users.

8. Camera Scanner

Camera Scanner is a simple to use application and it maintains files history which could be very helpful as you can start from where you left the last time you were editing a document. There are no subscription fees tied with the application which makes it one of the most suitable alternatives of CamScanner as it is free to use. You can also select multiple images and convert them into a PDF file easily.

Developer: DroidVeda LLP
Price: Free+

9. Camera Scanner – PDF Scanner App

I know you must be thinking it is the same application as above but it is not. The application comes with a few tweaked features and lets you organize and manage your files in the application itself. Adding or deleting the page in a PDF file is quite easy with the help of this application and hence have made to the list of 10 best alternatives of CamScanner for Android.

10. PDFO – Photo to PDF Converter

One of the most minimalistic photos to PDF converter that you can use and could be the best alternatives of CamScanner application. All the processing of the PDF files is done on your local device so it is safe to say that you can easily convert images to PDF on your mobile without the need of internet. There is no sign up required for the application so you can download it and quickly start using it.


So this is the list that we have prepared for the 10 Best Alternatives of CamScanner for Android that we can use to take images of a document and convert them into usable PDF files. Do let us know what you think about these applications in the comment section below. Follow Above Android on FacebookInstagram, and Google News to get the latest updates regarding the information on Android.