10 Best Apps to Add Text to Photos

In the era of smartphone devices with a camera, each and every one of us can be a photographer. Although sharing those interesting photos requires a rather interesting trick. You can use various inspirational quotes or phrases in order to make your photograph more interesting by using Apps to Add text to Photos.


In order to do so, you need to have good apps for adding text in photos. In this article, we will discuss the best apps which can add text to any photos.

Top 10 Apps for Adding Text to Photos:

These are the best apps you can find which will help you to add text in any photos on your device. Read the complete details about the apps before installing them from the link provided below this article.

1. Visual Watermark:

This application is basically used for creating watermarks in photos. But not only you can create a watermark, but also you can use it for editing your photos by adding text. In order to do so, you need to import your photo into the application and start adding text or logo.

There are various fonts available in the application for you to choose from, and you can also customize those texts according to your preference. Only thing is that you need to purchase the premium version in order to remove the watermark of the application from the outcome. 

Developer: Iuliia Nikitina
Price: Free

2. Phonto:

This is one of the user-friendly applications available in the market which can be used for adding text in photos. This application will allow you to import any photo for editing, or you can take a snap and start editing in the application.

This application is available on both Android and IOS devices. There are various advanced tools available in the application which can be used for customizing the text in photos.

Developer: youthhr
Price: Free+

3. Font Candy:

This application is basically a photo editor, but you can also use this application for typography. Although this application is only available for the iOS platform and considered one of the most useful photo editors.

There are several advanced tools available in the application which can be used for adding various text in photos. You can also add various animations which will also make a unique project for your photo.

4. PicLab – Photo Editor:

This is one of the best photo editors available for all smartphone devices that can help you to add text to photos. Not only you can edit photos, but you can also add eye-catching text to photos. This application will also give you the option to rotate, resize and adjust the opacity of the text added to the image.

You can also create handwritten text by using the drawing tool features from the application. One of the most important features available in this application is that you can make a collage of multiple photos and make a unique typography edit.

Developer: We Heart It
Price: Free+

5. Over:

Another iOS-specific photo editing application available in the market. This application will allow you to create wonderful photo projects by using gesture navigation and advanced tools.

You just need to pick any template or add any photo to the application and start editing the text in it. You can download this application for free, but there are in-app purchases that will add several extra features.

6. Typic:

This is one of the highest-rated and professional typography applications available for iOS devices. More than 300 pounds and 500 artworks available in this application for you to use in your photos. Apart from these, you will also get to use various filters, frames, and light leak effects.

Use the various advanced tools for creating unique typography editing in your device. This application will also allow you to add a logo to your photo.

7. Word Swag:

This application is having one of the largest collections of captions and free backgrounds from Pixabay. Not only that you will also get to have various effects and graphic font in the application.

This application is continuously updating with several extra features and a collection of backgrounds and captions. You can also make high-quality logos and graphics which can be used as printed media. Although this particular feature is only available for pro version users.

8. GIMP:

GNU Image Manipulation Program best image editor available for personal computers. This software works in Windows PC, Linux, Mac OS X, etc. This application is having almost similar features offered in Photoshop, but there is no annual subscription added for their service.

You can use various advanced tools for editing which includes typography editing in your images. This application is much easier to use, and you can use advanced tools and logos for creating your projects.

Developer: DMobileAndroid
Price: Free

9. Wondershare Fotophire:

This software is one of the most used and user-friendly photo editing software available for Windows PC. Not only you can make typography edit in your device, but it will also help you to create various different projects using photo cutter and photo eraser.

This application will also allow you to use filters, frames and various colors which can make your image more outstanding. 

10. Canva:

This is an online application that can be used for designing photos using various filters and advanced tools. Not only you can edit your images using this application, but you can also add text and make typography edits easily on your device.

This application is available for free, but most of the advanced features are available for the paid version of the application.


Last Words:

Sharing interesting photos on various social media platforms is one of the most trending things we can do without a smartphone. In order to edit our images properly along with text, we need to have proper apps on our smartphones. We have gathered complete information about various apps that can add text to photos from different sources and user reviews.

Share this interesting article with others, so that they get to choose the best app for adding text to their captured images.