Top 10 Apps Like Whisper for Android in 2020

Whisper is one of the best applications where you can send anonymous messages instantly. There are many similar applications available in the market which will allow you to share secret confessions and rants instantly.


This will help you to share your thoughts without disclosing your identification. In this article, we will discuss the best apps like whisper for Android devices.

Top Whisper Alternative Apps for Android Devices:

Top Whisper Alternative Apps for Android Devices

These are the best apps like Whisper available for Android devices. Read the complete details about these apps before installing them from these below-provided links.

ASKfm – Ask Anonymous Questions:

This application is much similar to whisper and it is one of the largest social networks. This application is used for sending anonymous questions to anyone. According to the app data, this platform is being used by more than millions of users per month.

This is the best application for asking any questions without facing them in real life. Apart from that, it will also allow you to send images and animated gifs. 

Moco – Chat, Meet People:

This particular application is rather different from most of the applications on the list. The application will allow you to make friends without revealing your identity by sending anonymous chat messages. You can also play games with strangers anytime you want. A most important feature of this application is that you can filter out strangers according to your preference.

You can feel to them on the basis of sexual preference, gender, age, and location. Chatting in this application will also allow you to send stickers and emojis. Specifically, this application will allow you to share your profile details with only specific persons according to your preference.


This application is probably one of the most famous and used anonymous chat app available in the market. In recent years the social media platforms are getting flooded with Anonymous messages transferred in this app. The name of this application means honesty in the Arabic language. So basically, this application will encourage people to be honest with others by sharing their thoughts about them.

The application will not collect any information which is being transferred by the users. This application will also give the option to ban any particular user in order to protect users from getting bullied. This application will allow you to share the notes directly into any social networking platform from the application.

Click here to Download – Meet & Chat:

This application is the best alternative you can find for chatting and anonymously with strangers.  This application is basically forecast for providing random people for chatting without revealing identification. You can easily share your secrets and confessions with others without giving them your details.

To get started with the service you need to create an account where you need to provide details. This application is used by the majority of the people, so you might in touch with any expert or celebrities. 

Developer: C2M
Price: Free+


Another anonymous chatting application which will help you to get connected with different persons. This application will provide you with different chat rooms where you can join and contribute to the discussions.

Each and every conversation in this application is private and it will get automatically cleared after a couple of days. If you are in for making new friends, then this will help you to them from inside. This application will also allow you to media files with others rather than just having text conversation. 

Developer: Castle Global
Price: Free+


Babbles is another app in the list of apps like Whisper. It allows you to express your inner feelings in this application and share them with strangers without disclosing yourself. This is the best way to share your thoughts and get reviews without being judged by anyone. You can always join interesting topics where everyone will contribute their honest confessions.


This application also allows the user to share stories that can be responded to with text messages or emojis. This application is most similar to do most of the social media apps but it will protect your information from others. You can also choose to have private conversations with any specific person within the application. 

Click here to Download!

MeetMe – Chat & Meet New People :

Another application to make friends without revealing your identity. This application will allow you to chat with strangers, and it is one of the most downloaded apps available for every device. This application also offers you games which you can play with others. 

Price: Free+


This is probably the largest and famous platform for anyone in order to discuss topics anonymously. There are different chat rooms available in this application where you can ask different questions or even contribute answers. It is recommended to use the hashtags for getting more traffic on your conversation. 

Developer: reddit Inc.
Price: Free+

Wakie Voice Chat – Talk to Strangers:

Nothing is better than communicating with strangers without giving up your details. You can easily discuss any topics with others and get their share of thoughts instantly. You can get to choose the location mode where you can get connected with the users who are near your region. 

Developer: Wakie
Price: Free+

Rooit – Anonymous Chat Rooms:

This application will allow you to chat with others if you are sharing the same interests. Get to chat with our users and even take part in various games and quizzes. This application is also having an AI assistant which will help you to go through all the app features for you.

Developer: Rooit Inc.
Price: Free+

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Anonymous messages will help you to have secret conversations it cannot be done on other social media platforms or apps. We have collected complete information about apps like whisper from different sources and user reviews.

Share this informative article with others, so that they get to choose the best apps like whisper for their Android device.