What Is SAR Value In Smartphone And Why You Should Worry About

You must have heard some people to say that keep away the phone from body as it emits electromagnetic radiation which is harmful for the human body. This is 100% true and you should definitely be aware of that. Most of the people look about the camera, picture quality, display etc when they plan to buy new Smartphone but you should know about the SAR value also at the same time as it has a great effect on our health. SAR value is a specification that is mentioned at the box of the phone.


SAR value and its limit

SAR value refers to the specific absorption rate. This is the rate of radiation that is absorbed by per unit KG of our body. This rate is measured by calculating the amount of radiation absorbed by any part of the head which is closest to the phone while in the talking position.

All the manufacturers are bound to maintain a maximum limit of this SAR value. The maximum limit is 1.6 W/Kg in India. Any Smartphone having SAR value of more than 1.6 W/KG is not allowed by Government. Telecommunication engineering center is a govt. laboratory that calculates this SAR value by randomly selecting Smartphone and then verifies this with the SAR value mentioned by the manufacturers. But this value is not constant and it varies depending on the usage of the phone.

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Reason to be concerned for this SAR value

SAR value informs the rate of electromagnetic radiation absorbed by the body. Higher SAR means more absorption while lower SAR value indicates lower radiation absorption by our body. This radiation is very dangerous for human body, brain and immune system. It increases the risk of various diseases starting from cancer to tumor. A study in Finland in 2002 claimed that the electromagnetic radiation released from Smartphone affects the brain tissue. Another study in Sweden in 2002 said that this causes brain tumor. Apart from the above also various other uneasiness such as headache, loss of concentration and fatigue are other symptoms of this radiation.

Tips to reduce the electromagnetic absorption rate in body

  • Always try to keep the phone at a distance from your body and head. So try to use headphone for talking over the phone.
  • Texts are better for frequent communication. Do avoid calling to people now and then rather text them.
  • There are various cases available in the market which work as a shield for the radiation.
  • Switch off the phone at night when going to bed.
  • Try not to call or text anyone in any area where the signal is very poor as Smartphone emits more radiation for searching the network in those areas.
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The max limit of SAR value is 1.6 W/KG, so all those Smartphone where the SAR value is mentioned as lesser than 1.6 W/kg they are safe to use and you can use the phone with no worry. Before buying any new smartphone, do forget to check SAR value in smartphone that you going to take home.