Seven Things To Know About Android 4.4 Kitkat

The android operating system is running on more than billion smart phones, tablet, and many other gadgets. Every android OS had been named after a dessert. The trend is now being seen in new version Android Kitkat  4.4. This latest version of android is named as Android Kitkat. Earlier the new kitkat was rumored to be called as Key Lime Pie. But, now Google had confirmed that it will be called as Android Kitkat. Though the new Android OS will be launched later, but there are many marvelous features that a user must know about the new Android OS Kitkat. Here is the list of best seven things that you must know about new Android 4.4 Kitkat.


Seven Facts About Android 4.4 Kitkat

1. User Interface tweaks

The new android OS will proffer translucent menu bar on bottom of the screen. This new transition comes into effect when the app launcher is launched. It will offer full screen wallpapers. This new OS will hide the navigation buttons and status bar when the user will play game, read book or watch a movie. Location settings are also added to menu toggle.

2. New dialer and Caller ID

The new phone app will automatically prioritize user’s contacts on the basis of people they talk mostly. The users can also search for businesses and nearby places, contacts and for people in their Google apps through this OS new app. If they get call from unknown number, the app will match the number from local listing on Google Maps to tell the person’s name calling.

3. Amalgamated Hangouts Messaging Apps

The new OS provide with new messaging app. By this app the hangouts are integrated to SMS and MMS. The instant messaging through Google accounts is also provided. Users can also share locations and send animated GIFs through hangouts.

4. Better Accessibility Options

Kitkat will offer system wide preferences. The video offering app can now access user’s captioning settings. It will also adjust caption display according to user’s preferences.

5. Screen Recording

Android 4.4 supports the screen recording and includes screen recording utility that allows the user to capture video and will store it as MP4 file. This application in new android OS will allow end users to create apps tutorials, marketing videos, GIFs easily.

6. Google Integration Now Becomes Easy

The Google Now will be launched instantly when user will say “OK Google”, when the user will be on Home Screen. The user can now do voice search, play song, get directions, send text easily through Google Now Assistant.

7. Better Cloud Printing Support

Users can now easily print photos, web pages, documents from their smart phones or tablets by connecting it to any printer connected to Google Cloud Print. The Kitkat supports printing natively and also includes APIs to manage printing and adding new printer support.


These were the seven things about new Android Kitkat that you must know before using it. Though there are many more to explore on Android Kitkat 4.4 like video chat app, multiple device support, multi select in contacts, line drawing keyboard and lots more. Let’s wait for the release of Google’s new Android operating system and feel the amazing features.