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November 28, 2017

YouTube Go no longer in beta, available in India

Earlier in the month of April, Google has announced the beta version of an app called Youtube Go in India. Youtube Go is a video-centric application which is just similar to Youtube. This app works even if you have no internet access or very low data speed. Youtube Go is mainly introduced for developing countries, and for people who have limited access towards the internet. This app is a smaller version of Youtube that allows you to watch a video, share or download them even with slow or no internet connection.

Youtube Go app beta version was available in India. According to some reports, this app is out of beta and is available for everyone. It seems this app is rolling out [...]

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January 21, 2014

Videoder : Best Video Downloader App For Android Phones

In this world of internet everything is online and uploaded. Everything is shared in just a few seconds. Similarly number of videos collective in the size of GBs are upload in a single day to Youtube and many such similar websites. We as a user love to watch this videos online and when some of the video is extremely good, we just think to DOWNLOAD it.

In the same emotion I was searching for an android app to download videos into my Android phone. and at this pointing time I was encountered with the Videoder : Video Downloader App. This app is developed by Rahul Verma more precisely this app is coded by Rahul Verma and Designed by Sur Singla.

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