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October 11, 2017

Zebronics launches its first Wireless stereo Earphone ‘AirDuo’

Zebronics, India’s leading supplier of IT peripherals, Audio/Video, and Surveillance products gives ‘easy listening’ a whole new meaning with the launch of its latest ‘AirDuo’ seamlessly comfy, incredibly stylish and capable of delivering excellent sound quality priced for Rs. 4999/-

One of the wisest picks for the style [...]

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August 13, 2014

Web PC Suite : Manage Your Android Phone Wirelessly

The management between your mobile devices and computers can make you mad at times. But, this trouble had been removed by the Web PC Suite App to large extent and you can connect your mobile phone with PC effectively. This is the user friendly and easy application that runs on your Android Phone. Your phone will be connected to the web browser of your PC within minutes after completing the successful QR Code pairing method. Once you are connected to the browser of your computer, you can access all the sites easily. Navigating through the app interface is very easy and simple. If you close the browser window, the connection will be terminated automatically. Web PC suite App is the [...]

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July 20, 2014

AirDroid : Manage your Android from a Web Browser

AirDroid is a must have application for the Android users. You need to be connected with Wi-Fi to use this app. It won’t use you internet data speed. It works magnificently well through Wi-Fi Direct at a spectacular speed. Airdroid is very easy to use application and had got a well organized interface. Let’s learn using this app and check out some awesome features of this application.

How to use Airdroid Application?

AirDroid application is available for free on Google PlayStore. It opens an interface on your browser window entering the local IP Address generated by this application. After you have entered IP Address, Airdroid app will ask for the confirmation on your [...]

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September 20, 2013

LG Pocket Photo PD221 Mini Mobile Printer For Android Smartphone

LG Pocket Photo PD221 Mini Mobile Printer for android device by LG is the best way to get all your amazing Photo printed out easily without a cable. Weather you owned a branded Samsung Galaxy s4, HTC one or nexus or even a cheap android phone it support almost every android device.  It works on Bluetooth, NFC or even you can use USB cable if you want. This Wireless Handy Instant mobile printing is the amazing way to get all your memories printed anywhere and anytime. LG Pocket Photo PD221 Mini Mobile Printer for android prints photos without any ink. Using LG Pocket Photo Android Application you can add memos, QR codes various frames, amazing texts, and effects and thus add more WOW [...]

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