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April 10, 2015

Unusual Multiple Uses Of Smartphone You Never Knew

Technology is taking the world in a state where there is no such thing that can be said as impossible. There are multiple uses of smartphone which you may never knew. Android Smartphone is that creation by the developers which can be used for various purposes and its usage are not limited to only gaming, calls, messaging rather you can use it as security camera, Bluetooth speaker, webcam , mic or as a modem for your PC. Some of the best uses of Smartphone are explained here.

Multiple Uses Of Smartphone 1. Use Smartphone as Modem

Smartphone can be used as a modem for laptop, iPad or any other device but you just need to activate the data pack on your mobile. You can use the [...]

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March 17, 2015

Virtual Private Networks In Smartphone & Steps To use VPN In Mobile

VPN stands for virtual private network. It is used to send and receive data from other public or shared networks with the help of internet. A VPN is created by establishing point to point connection with the help of dedicated connections, encryptions and protocols. It can be used in android smartphones as well.

Mobile virtual private network provides mobile devices access to resources and applications when they connect through wireless networks. Mobile virtual private networks are used in public safety, hospitals, home care field, service management, industries and utilities. Mostly, white collar people and mobile professionals use mobile virtual private networks.

A [...]

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February 19, 2014

WifiPass – Get Free Internet Access Easily

It is really a tough time when your mobile data plan is about to get exhaust and you are searching for Free Wifi or open Wifi hotspot. Majority of times you get the WiFi hotspot around you, but it require password to access the internet. This is the worst time and you are left without any internet source around you. The developer team named as Movile International Inc  have developed an Android App named as WifiPass – Free Internet.


When you install and open WifiPass app, it tells you how many Wifi hotspot are available in the range. After that a green search button arises and when you tap on that button, the app search and test for the free Wifi [...]

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