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OLineO Launch

OLineO Launch 70+ Mobile Retail Shops in Mumbai with One-Stop Online Shop.

On Thursday, in an event, OLineO launches online shop along with 70+ retail shops across Mumbai. The online portal will allow the users to buy the smartphones online along...
WhatsApp Beta

WhatsApp Beta Update Removes Option to Save Profile Picture

In the latest Beta update of WhatsApp Messenger, they have removed the feature of saving profile pictures of the other users. WhatsApp is updating the Beta App almost every day and...
Check If Someone Blocked You on WhatsApp

For public Knowledge: Better Upgrade your WhatsApp for the security compromise discovered

A shocking cybersecurity breach on WhatsApp, Facebook’s messaging app, resulted in several of its users prone to malicious spyware installed on their smartphones. This was admitted in a report by WhatsApp,...
Latest technology which enables automatically detecting the car crash

Latest technology which enables automatically detecting the car crash

Along with a lot of other features, now new features have also been introduced. Google is very much familiar with pixel-exclusive features which also include night sight, unlimited photos and backups...

The 5 Best Apps for Programming Students

In the technology dominated world, being a developer or coder is preferred to be one of the best career options. To become a coder or developer you need to...