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June 13, 2018

Uber Lite App For Android Launched in India


Uber Lite Android App launched in India for 2G networks. For now, the app is available in Jaipur, Hyderabad, and Delhi. Uber Lite uses GPS location which suggests possible destinations.

India is one of the most important market for Uber. That’s the reason, Ride-sharing company Uber has launched Uber Lite app in India. However, the Uber Lite is the down version of main Uber app which comes with basic ride booking features. The size of the app is around 5MB and it even works on any Android smartphone which comes with 2G network connectivity.

According to the company, Uber Lite app is design for emerging markets and India is the first one to [...]

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April 7, 2018

Uber India Will Now Put an Authorization Hold on Your Card Before Your Trip Begins

Uber is most popular cab booking app which always believes in customer satisfaction. The main aim of uber is to provide a hassle-free ride to their customers. Now Uber has started rolling out a payment authorization hold feature. This feature will enable a company to hold a user’s upfront fare amount ahead of a trip. Uber will now authorize non-cash payment (credit and debit cards) method for every trip you requested.

As per Uber, this move will help in confirming that users account is active and available to fund their requested trip. Uber Authorization hold feature will allow users to hold the upfront fare at the beginning of the trip. Then on users account, the [...]

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September 12, 2017

Schedule and Never Miss Your Uber Ride with Kommen App

Have you had issues scheduling an Uber with the Uber app – even for rural locations or cities not supported by Uber? If Yes, Then we at Above Android have found a solution for you. If Yes, Then we at Above Android have found a solution for you. Kommen App is the best way to schedule and pre book an Uber Ride absolutely anywhere the Uber service is available.

Let us guide you about this app and teach you How To Schedule your Uber Ride in advance.

Kommen LLC, a US company that focuses on developing solutions to improve the Uber experience have come up with an innovative idea. This is the first app from Kommen LLC and we expect many such apps from them. All you need to use [...]

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May 11, 2017

Uber Update Brings New Feature to Add Saved Places

Uber is the class app for booking a cab near by you. It has became one of the popular app in the Maps and Navigation category. The every update of Uber , the app is getting more smart and easy to use. Today we are here to describe about the new update of Uber app which brings out a new feature known as Uber Saved Places.

About the Uber Saved Places

We have many places where we visit again and again, places like Home and Work are most comman and widely used. Where as there are many places other than Home and Work where we visit again and again such as some great Restaurants, a friend’s location, and many others. This are the places we may visit frequently, but the harsh [...]

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