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February 6, 2015

How To Use IRCTC Mobile App : Book Indian Rail Tickets

Choosing IRCTC mobile app for booking tickets is best option over buying train tickets online thru web. Indian Rail Ministry made more convenient by developing android app “ IRCTC Connect ” for buying indian railway tickets. Using official IRCTC mobile application adds more value to your experience and also consumes less time compared to web version on IRCTC.  In this article we are going to show you “how to use IRCTC Mobile App, easily and securely“. Booking rail tickets from mobile instantly is what the new generation love the most, Also user interface of IRCTC Connect add more lives to your mobile ticket booking experience.

Steps to use IRCTC Mobile [...]
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June 30, 2014

Roamy : Travel Roaming App To Control Your Internet Usage

Are you on vacations but still want to use different apps like Line, WeChat, Whatsapp, Facebook and many more? With this app known as roamy you can restrict the use of internet data connection to be used only by your preferred apps and can even limit the data use on them. You might incur heavy costs for international data roaming as switching on data pack enables all the apps to access internet.

If an user is planning for an abroad trip and wish to make use of their favorite apps such as Whatsapp, WeChat, Facebook, and many more in this case the user must give a try to this app known as Roamy. Now, with roamy, all you [...]

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January 2, 2014

Zomato Android App Review : Get Restaurant Recommendations, Menu, Map And Much More

Zomato Android App is an delicious restaurant finder app. It is the best navigation app that searches and recommend best hotels around you on the basis of reviews and rating. Zomato android app  not only helps you to find various restaurant and gives you restaurant recommendations around you but also lets you look at menus, pictures, maps, directions, contact details of 190,000+ restaurants in India, United Kingdom, USE, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Qatar and many other countries.


Cities in which Zomato services is available are

London,  Manchester,  Manila NCR,  Birmingham,  Wellington,  Dubai, Abu Dhabi,  Doha,  Sao Paulo, [...]

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July 25, 2013

Winner of Giveaway # 3 : Andru Android Robot USB Travel Charger

After completion of the Giveaway # 3 : Andru Android Robot USB Travel Charger worth 25$ , today comes the day to announce the winner of the giveaway # 3. We checked all the entries of the giveaway and came to conclusion about the winner. The winner have also performed very well in the previous giveaway but couldn’t win it. But this time he grabs it. NO MORE discussion and the winner is  :

Winner  : Ali Baig Congrats to Ali Baig For winning this superb giveaway powered by GEN. We would also like to mention the name of the people like John Lamano and Rachel Ralston , who were very close to win the giveaway – Better luck Next Time. Similarly other 500 people have [...]
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