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March 12, 2014

Instagram Update 5.1 With A Change in UI and Performance

Few hours ago, Instagram – a product of Facebook got an huge update of version 5.1 with drastic change in user interface and performance. With the Instagram update 5.1 , your profile screen now loads twice as fast and  the overall app size is reduced to half of previous with a purpose to increase speed throughout Instagram.

Instagram till now followed the default Android behaviours for scaling to different screen sizes all over the world, but for its latest update, the company actually tested the Instagram update 5.1 on a variety of devices that aren’t sold in the US. More than 60 percent of our users are outside the US, says [...]

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November 5, 2013

3 Best Android Bike Games for Bikes Lover

Hello friends today I’m here to share you the top 3 android bike games for bike lovers. Loving bikes is just inevitable especially for teens. There are many of the games available for cars with very interesting graphics but there are very few games for bike. So we at here at above android selected top 3 games for bike with amazing graphics amazing levels and many more. I’m sure you gonna love it. So here is best and most played

Android Bike Games

Trail Xtreme 3 

The first game which comes in mind when the talk is about biking is Trail Xtreme 3. This is one of the best game for biker’s. This is a breath taking game because of [...]

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