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February 16, 2014

WonderShare MobileGo For Android : Easily Manage Your Android Device

Having huge memory into your Android smartphone is no longer a constraint, many devices are being launched with a huge internal memory. But the problem now is are we able to manage the data which are stored in this memory. Most probably the answer is No. We at Above Android always update you with amazing apps and games, but what if the smartphone in which you have installed all this apps , games and data is no more usable to you.

What if the you are purchasing a new high end mobile device and want the apps, games and data back to the news device. Are you safe without having any complete and secure back up of your smartphone. The answer is no form the  majority of the readers [...]

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November 12, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Gear : Hardware, Software & Design Specification

With every passing phone, Samsung likes experimenting and innovating with its smart phones. This time has done something extraordinary technology by launching high tech smart watches. They have launched a very high tech watch that is available with Galaxy Note 3. This watch has everything that you can think about. They have released Galaxy Gear along with Note 3 but it will cost separately. This watch requires a constant connection with the phone and it will be only accessible with this phone only. Samsung seems to be experimenting with the wearable devices now. Whether it is a positive point or not, will only be decided by the users. Was there any need of this watch? Let’s check the [...]

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