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DeepFakes Technology

Snapchat And TikTok Seamlessly Invests In Controversial Deepfakes Technology.

Earlier this week, Facebook announced that it is going to remove deepfakes. Deepfakes is a technology where the real-looking images or videos are created using various platforms which are...

US Senator Proposes a Bill to Ban Snapchat ‘Snapstreaks’

A few days back, a U.S. senator proposed a bill to ban the Snapchat 'Snapstreaks". Snapstreaks is a feature of Snapchat where users have to send at least one...

JioSaavn Partners With Snapchat for Exclusive Music Sharing

Reliance Industries-owned JioSaavn partners with Snapchat. Snap - the parent company of Snapchat partnered JioSaavan, an India-based global audio and music streaming service to connect South Asian mobile users globally and...

Snapchat Will Soon Allow Users To Add Music Just Like TikTok

Snap Inc., the parent company of SnapChat is looking to buy the Music rights from the top record labels to add music into the Snapchat App. They are in talks with...