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May 4, 2015

What Is NFC In Android And How To Use NFC Effectively

NFC in the mobile industry is used as a tool for data sharing or file sharing. NFC in android helps to transfer files, But for sharing data both the mobiles should be NFC enabled and this transfer or communication happens through radio frequencies. This NFC came into light when Google released Android 4.0 Icecream sandwich. They also released Android beam functionality at the same time. NFC and android beam make the data or file sharing process very quick among the devices.Different companies mention the sign of NFC in their phone at different places. For instance Samsung Galaxy 3 mentions ‘Near Field Communication’ at the battery pack, Sony Xperia mentions N mark at the back and [...]

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November 3, 2014

How To Share Your Device’s Data Connection with Others – Internet Tethering Procedure

How wonderful it would if you can access Internet on your smartphone using other device Data connection. Internet tethering can help you share one device data connection with other. Today internet is part of our life from browsing web, composing emails, sending message by WhatsApp, facebooking, Twitting, Blogging, Goggling stuffs, Youtubing and many more things Sharing one device data with another can be done by three different ways via Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi Hotspot) via Bluetooth or even can be done through physical connection i.e using USB cable. In this article we gonna discuss Internet tethering over which is most used procedure while connecting one phone with other phone or [...]

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May 28, 2013

Meter Share : Lovely Money Saving App

Travelling in an auto rickshaw feels like royalty? Fighting everyday for that one elusive taxi? Everyone in that queue going to the exact same place and still taking independent rides! How about collaborating with fellow travelers going to the same destination from in and around a place? Help save the environment and your money in the process. Meter Share can help you.

Introducing MeterShare, an application by Positive3 developers, which is developed to make the travelling experience easier. The application lets you create a ride, and share it with fellow travelers. It asks you to enlist details like the time when you’d like a ride, the number of free seats available and the [...]

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