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January 4, 2015

Sold 61.1 Million Devices in 2014, Says Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun

With the growth of 227% Xiaomi sold 61.1 million smartphone in the year 2014. According to Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun company have seen huge increasing in revenue i.e $11.97 billion which is double of the previous year as posted on the official wedio account. Whereas Xiaomi sold 18.7 million phones in 2013 compare to 61.1 million (227% increased) in 2014 and having huge expansion plans for 2015 said Jun.

He also stated about the marketing strategy of Xiaomi with adding “Few smartphone manufacturer stared coping Xiaomi strategy ” of selling devices only through sites. As Xiaomi for well know for its flash sales, where thousands of phones sold in less than a minute.  2015 [...]

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