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April 10, 2018

Newly Launched App of the Week : Auto Timestamp On Photos

Most people take stunning photos using their Android smartphone. As we all know default camera application has many tools and option which let you capture most interesting photos. Some camera interface comes with filters, exposure, and various basic feature. Nowadays people take photos without any date and timestamp but they do love to have a timestamp on their photos. But every smartphone doesn’t have this timestamp feature. Some smartphone camera does record the date, place and time during clicking the photos but do provide Auto Timestamp.

If your Android smartphone doesn’t have timestamp option then no need to worry. We at Above Android brings Auto Timestamp on [...]

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March 16, 2018

Now Adjust Your Volume Setting With Quick Volume Controls App

We all know if our volume button on the smartphone is stuck or damage then it becomes very difficult to adjust sound levels. Continuously, we have to visit the volume menu in phone Settings to control the sound levels. For making volume adjustment more easier and to get rid of this situation, developer Neelam Bhanushali has created a cool Quick Volume Control app for all Android users.

The Quick Volume Control app will allow you to quickly change the volume levels of the phone without leaving your apps or games. The app can control the volume of your smartphone even when your screen is locked.

However, the app is very easy to use and you can control the volume [...]

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February 16, 2018

Now Get Your Wallpaper Changed Automatically With Simple App

Nowadays the use of wallpaper has become an essential part of your Android device. It is the first thing which you will notice while handling the device. Most of the people want unique wallpaper in their daily life. Also, some of them want to automatically change their phone’s wallpaper. Keeping this in mind, the developer has created Auto Wallpaper Changer Android app which will save your battery and also automatically changes the wallpapers.

With this Auto Wallpaper Changer app, you can choose images from your gallery and set it to your Android home screen. It will help you to change your phone’s wallpaper automatically by pre-defined selected images. You can [...]

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January 10, 2018

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard: Complete Review

EaseUS Data Recovery is a data rescue program which search your storage devices for deleted files and tries to recover them. It can recover data from internal and external hard drives. Also, it recovers data from USB devices, memory cards, iOS/Android devices, music players, and more. This application can be used when you accidentally delete your files or your hard drive gets corrupted. EaseUS data recovery software is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

EaseUS is a professional data recovery software which also can recover data from the formatted computer. It is a premium software. Also, it offers a free version of it, but you can only recover 2 GB of data. [...]

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