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September 18, 2014

Ready Steady Play : 3 in 1 Game To Amaze You

Do you ever wanted to be a Cowboy and kill people in duelling, well Android has an opportunity for you. Ready Steady Play is a Wild-west themed game with amazing graphics and easy to use interface. This game is complied with 3 different mini games, all in just 40 Mb. This game is very addictive as you can compare your score with your friends. Ready Steady Play is minimal but still amazing. Ready Steady Play consists of three games for now and new games will be added soon in the later updates.

The three games under Ready Steady Play are as follows:

 1 – Shooting Gallery:

In this game you have to shoot as many cowboys you can but avoid the lady that comes in [...]

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July 23, 2014

Google Play Store 4.9.13 Rolls Out With New Material Design : Download APK

Few weeks ago, Google released the Android L Developer Preview with main feature as the great Material Design and this design was recently seen in the update of the Google+ Android app. After that few hours ago, Google started rolling  update for the Play Store with the version of 4.9.13. This update doesn’t initially look like that it is a big update upon first look, but once you jump into an individual app listing, book listing, album listing , or movie listing, you will find that this is pretty major update. Once you visit the app listing you will find that there are beautiful sliding animations while scrolling up and down the screen, there is also a big imagery concept, [...]

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