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March 20, 2018

How to Install Chrome Extension On PC Using Mobile OS

As we all know, Chrome has thousands of interesting Extension on its Web Store. Many people desperately want to install this extension on their Personal Computer. However, Web Store feature was introduced by Google. Users can select chrome extension from Web Store and by clicking on a button, you can install the extension on their computer. But now with your smartphone, you can remotely install Google Chrome extensions to your PC.

With any smartphone, you can install chrome extension on PC. It’s very simple process, where you have to visit an extension’s Web Store page on your phone. Then it will provide you two options i.e sharing it with a friend via e-mail or social [...]

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August 13, 2014

Web PC Suite : Manage Your Android Phone Wirelessly

The management between your mobile devices and computers can make you mad at times. But, this trouble had been removed by the Web PC Suite App to large extent and you can connect your mobile phone with PC effectively. This is the user friendly and easy application that runs on your Android Phone. Your phone will be connected to the web browser of your PC within minutes after completing the successful QR Code pairing method. Once you are connected to the browser of your computer, you can access all the sites easily. Navigating through the app interface is very easy and simple. If you close the browser window, the connection will be terminated automatically. Web PC suite App is the [...]

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