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December 10, 2014

Beam Messenger : See What Your Friend is Typing…

The beam messenger app is a real time messaging app which tells you what your friend is typing at the same time. There are several instant messaging apps in the market. However, this is for the first time android users will be able to communicate via real time. Although Google Wave was going to come out with this concept, it is a good news for Beam messenger developers since they have scraped up this project.

In several messenger applications like Whatsapp , Hike and Snapchat, a gray note is mentioned on the top of the screen if the person you are communicating with, is typing a message. However, in Beam messenger as you type, each character is displayed on the screen [...]

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August 6, 2014

Hike Messenger : Made With Love In India

The messaging apps had revolutionized the smart phone world and had made chatting free of cost. Now, you need not to recharge your phones in order to get some message credit from the service provider. You just need an internet connection to send unlimited free messages around the world to any person. These apps had even made the international messaging too easy and free of cost. One of such application is Hike. You just need to install Hike Messenger on your smart phone in order to avail the free messaging services offered by this wonderful instant messaging application.

Hike messaging application allows a smart phone user to communicate with other smart phone user [...]

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May 2, 2014

Top 3 App Updates Related To Messaging : SnapChat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp

In last week, there were many apps who got the significant app updates and they almost changed the way we use them. Many of them were the messaging app which added many new features some of them were : SnapChat, Facebook Messenger and the WhatsApp. So this article is all the way to explain what new features are added to this app from the updates.

Top 3 App Updates Related To Messaging : 1. SnapChat

There are two type of people, one who use SnapChat and other who don’t. The majority of teenager enjoy to send image and text caption as new way of chatting or messaging. But for the people who don’t there is a new update in this application which have added [...]

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February 21, 2014

Now Officially Hide Last Seen, Status and Photo In WhatsApp Messenger

Just a day before yesterday, Facebook acquire WhatsApp for a whopping $19 billion and now the updates for the messenger are arriving.  In the recent update of WhatsApp , user can officially hide the last seen ,and show the profile picture and the status only to the people you want. This update from the WhatsApp will improve the privacy of the user and bring back all the users who left WhatsApp just for the “Last Seen” issue.

As this things are related to user privacy, this settings are made available under privacy section of Account Setting. It is very important for user to decide that to whom he/she want to show the personal details such as last seen, [...]

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