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March 3, 2015

How to Use Android Device Manager – Find Lost Phone

Google’s Android Device Manager lets you trace your missing, stolen or lost android phones. This Google service that help tracing your lost device with Google all-in-one account is not popular among droid smartphone users, so today we at Above Android here to share about how to use android device manager to find lost, missing phone. HTC, Samsung, Sony, Micromax, LG and many other phone running on android platform can be locate using below step to trace your lost or missing smartphone.

Best thing about this tracing feature is that there is no need to install any app on your android device. Inbuilt feature of android smartphone lets you locate [...]

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July 20, 2014

AirDroid : Manage your Android from a Web Browser

AirDroid is a must have application for the Android users. You need to be connected with Wi-Fi to use this app. It won’t use you internet data speed. It works magnificently well through Wi-Fi Direct at a spectacular speed. Airdroid is very easy to use application and had got a well organized interface. Let’s learn using this app and check out some awesome features of this application.

How to use Airdroid Application?

AirDroid application is available for free on Google PlayStore. It opens an interface on your browser window entering the local IP Address generated by this application. After you have entered IP Address, Airdroid app will ask for the confirmation on your [...]

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February 16, 2014

WonderShare MobileGo For Android : Easily Manage Your Android Device

Having huge memory into your Android smartphone is no longer a constraint, many devices are being launched with a huge internal memory. But the problem now is are we able to manage the data which are stored in this memory. Most probably the answer is No. We at Above Android always update you with amazing apps and games, but what if the smartphone in which you have installed all this apps , games and data is no more usable to you.

What if the you are purchasing a new high end mobile device and want the apps, games and data back to the news device. Are you safe without having any complete and secure back up of your smartphone. The answer is no form the  majority of the readers [...]

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January 1, 2014

Top 3 Money Managing Android Apps : Manage Your Pockets

Can’t manage your money? Every time when you check your pocket it disappoints you? Have you ever thought how wonderful it would if someone ping you for bill payments before due date , or you can get balance to overcome this problem some of the top android app developers have came up with various money managing android apps. Now it is simple to keep all your records, budgets, incomes, expenditure, Track all the details when required.

Financial Managing Android app is what everyone should have. As it make easy to account your money on your smart phone and makes you feel like a boss. Apart from managing your money this also allows you to online payments of bills, know [...]

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