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May 7, 2015

Android M Coming at I/O 2015, Know expected Feature Of 6.0

Yesterday Google announced to release developer preview of “Android M” or android 6.0 in the upcoming I/O 2015 which is at 28th of May. This news started trending since it declared, all developers and android lovers are excited about the new features and the speculations started rising all over the social media. However there are no strong proof of what “Android M” will bring with it. It is also surprising that even though Android Lollipop is available only to 10% of Android devices around the world they are ready with new update.

ABOUT ANDROID UPDATES : Google since 2 years has started a new market strategy to launch the SDK (for developers to work on) [...]

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May 16, 2013

Android Reached 900 Million Activation In The Year 2013

Google I/O developer conference just started and we got the regular Android performance data update. And, if you look just at the rate the new Android devices are increasing – the numbers are really shocking.


Google revealed at the I/O 2013 conference that there has been more than 900 million Android devices activated so far. With such an astonishing figure, it’s not difficult to understand why Google Play has just passed 48 billion apps delivered. And Google Play have achieved more 2.5 billion installs in last month itself. where as it has been just 5 year the time when first Android SDK was launched.


The android activation was 400 million in the [...]
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