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November 22, 2017

Google collects location data on Android even when location services are disabled

Google collects location data on Android smartphone even when location service is disabled, as per a new report. Quartz claims that location tracking still occurs on Android Smartphone even if a user takes safety measures like disabling location, or not inserting a SIM card on the device.

According to Quartz, Android devices send these details when the device is connected to the Internet. The reports say that location tracking has been in practice in early 2017, which is confirmed by Google. This company collects addresses of nearby cellular towers, even when the location is disabled on the device.

Google quoted that Quartz company has been collecting cell tower [...]

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September 29, 2017

Tata Nexon 2017 with Android Auto launched in India

Before Getting into Tata Nexon, why does a Car even has to be in An Android website? you ask me. Well, this is a car with Google’s New Android made just For it.

“Hey chief, come back your warriors need a leader” 

Can’t wait to play Clash of Clans while doing 85 mph and relaxing with a nice cold beer? No! Android Auto was designed with more safety in mind. With a simple and intuitive interface made for cars, integrated steering wheel controls, and a very powerful new voice actions for Car, it’s designed in such a way to minimize distraction so you can be focused on the road.


This is the home screen of [...]

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July 9, 2015

GPS Sticker That Helps To Track Anything From Your Phone

So many times it happens that we misplace things and then can’t remember where we kept them, or we forget out phones or even luggage when we go out. TrackR is a system that lets you track anything from your phone.

What is TrackR?

TrackR is the best way to find lost or misplaced items easily. It also helps you in never losing them at first place. TrackR is a GPS Sticker with the size of a coin that helps you in tracking anything from your phone with the help of an app. TrackR sticker easily fastens or sticks to any item and then by the help of an app you can quickly locate the misplaced item by ringing on the TrackR. You can also use Distance Indicator or Crowd GPS for finding [...]

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