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Change Language In Google Chrome

How to Change Language in Google Chrome Android

Google Chrome is the native web browser available for Android devices, it is the most popular internet browsers according to market share around the globe. By default, the Google...
Unlock Android Phone Password

How to Unlock Android Phone Password Without Factory Reset

If you want to search user who has locked their Android device and unable to unlock it. Basically, you need to do a factory reset in order to bypass the lock...
Google Maps

Google Brings Live Train Status Tracking Feature to Google Maps

Google, the biggest internet services provider in the world always makes sure that the people around the world do not have to go to any other place for internet...
Google Maps

Google Maps brings New Speed Camera and Speed Limit Alerts Update in 40+ Countries

Google Maps is the most frequently used car navigation app in the world. But there are still some areas where Google Maps can make more efforts and bring more changes to...
Google Lens Filters

Google Lens Filters: New Filters for Dining and Translation Rolls Out this Week

The Google Lens filters unveiled at Google I/O 2019 began to roll from last Tuesday.  Some new features for Dining and Translate are added to the Google Lens. These features are...
Google Digital Wellbeing Pixel 3

Google Confirms Digital Wellbeing Doesn’t Slow Down the Pixel 3

In the last few days, many Pixel 3 users have face performance issue and claimed that it was due to Digital Wellbeing App. The issue has become so critical that it...
google food online order

Order Food Using Google Without the help of any Delivery App

Google will partner with various food delivery vendors and provide the option of ordering food right without the help of any specific delivery app to the users. This is being done...
Huawei Banned from using all Android and Google Services on its Devices

Huawei Banned from using all Android and Google Services on its Devices

Trump administration create a list of the companies, which the American firms cannot trade with unless they are having a license for trade. Huawei is one of the companies whose name...