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github for android

GitHub For Android Is Live On Play Store For Beta Testing

Github, the popular tool for software developers has released its mobile app for Android for beta testing. For many companies and organizations, Github allows team members to work together...
How to solve Error Code 924: "Can’t download App" in Google Play Store

How To Solve Error Code 924: “Can’t Download App” In Google Play Store

If you are using Android devices then you might face various errors depending on the issues happening on your device. Basically, you will face error while running pre-installed apps that come...
Delete these Android Apps Now

Android Warning: Delete these Apps or Pay the Price

Android is a popular and most used mobile operating system among all the other operating systems. It has around 2.5 billion users which means that about 80% of the smartphones have...

India Becomes First in Google Play Store Downloads in Last Seven Years

Google PlayStore witnessed 330 billion downloads worldwide out of which India has 11.2% of downloads from the Google Play StoreIndia has seen 36.9 billion app downloads from Google Play Store between...
How to solve "Unfortunately, Google Play Services has Stopped" Error

How To Solve Google Play Services Error “Unfortunately, Google Play Services has Stopped”

Majority of the smartphone users are using Android smartphones due to user-friendly interfaces and applications. Android smartphones are having Google Play services which is much required for running various Android features...
Fake Anti Virus App

Multiple Anti Virus apps removed from Google Play Store – Quick Heal Report

Quick Heal Security Labs recently spotted multiple Fake Antivirus Apps on Google Play Store. What’s more alarming, is that one of these fake AV Apps has been downloaded 100000+...

Google Officially Announces New Play Store Material Redesign

All new material redesign of the Google Play Store was rolling out gradually to the Android device users. Now Google has officially announced the new redesign of the Google...
Google Removes 85 Apps from Play Store Over Adware

Google Removes 85 Apps from Play Store Over Adware

Google has immediately removed 85 apps from its Play Store after the report submitted by the security researcher at trend micro. They are found annoying adware hiding inside those...
Google Play Store feature suggests to uninstall unused apps from Android phones

Google Play Store feature suggests to uninstall unused apps from Android phones

A new feature on the Google Play Store suggests a list of unused apps that users may want to uninstall from their Android devices to get some more free space. Downloading and...
After FTC warning about underage users, App stores pull dating apps

After FTC warning about underage users, Google Playstore pull dating apps

You might think that dating app developers would be sure to keep children from signing up. But that is not always the case. Google has removed three Wildec dating apps (FastMeet,...