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May 30, 2015

#IO2015: Project Vault: A secure computer in a Micro SD Card!

In the wake of snooping activities, attacks on privacy and major security threats plaguing the technological world, Google has announced what might just be a perfect solution.

Project Vault – the latest measure in security developed by the Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) division of Google, is a secure computer that fits entirely on a Micro SD card sized device. The tiny device runs its own operating system to manage all the passwords and secure data of the user, without having to use the phone’s resources.

In this article, I explain all that there is in Project Vault!


Project Vault is a security solution that is present on a [...]

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May 30, 2015

#IO2015: Project Ara demonstrated successfully!

Google’s concept of a modular smartphone has not been a new thing. Last year, at I/O 2014, for the very first time, the world was introduced to the entire idea of a modular smartphone in real life. And although the demonstration of the Ara smartphone crashed while booting, we knew that Google were on the roads of building the first modular smartphone.

Enter I/O 2015, and Google’s ATAP division successfully demonstrated the first ever modular smartphone in their Project Ara keynote. Here are some of the highlights!


Modular smartphones basically involve various components of the phone present as ‘blocks’ which can be assembled [...]

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May 30, 2015

#IO2015: Project Soli announced by ATAP Team

The ongoing Google I/O 2015 is a two day event, and the first day saw the announcement of some key changes in the world of Android: From Android M, to the new Photos App, to Google Cloud Messaging service. But the true innovations were announced on the second day, when the Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) Team took the stage.

One of their major announcements was that of Project Soli – a groundbreaking method of interacting with wearable devices.

Here’s all you need to know about it!


Project Soli aims at the removal of an interim input device (such as a keyboard, mouse or even a touchscreen) and make the human body the only source of [...]

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May 29, 2015

#IO2015 : Project Tango DevKit now available to all

Project Tango is a concept that has been around for quite some time now. The amazing visualisation venture by Google enables the user to interact with his/her environment in a much more fun and immersive manner, thanks to the technologies involving augmented reality.

Although Google I/O 2015 did not have a keynote dedicated specially to the whole concept of Mobile 3D Tracking and Perception, it did make the Development Kit for Project Tango publicly available.


According to the official description of the concept, Project Tango from Google brings Motion Tracking, Depth Perception and Area Learning to mobile devices. It basically creates an interactive [...]

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