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December 26, 2017

Google Photos Starts Showing ‘Smiles of 2017’ Video Collage

Google Photos app comes with a new feature which shows ‘Smiles of 2017’ in the form of Video Collage. It is giving an opportunity to have a look back at all those smiles of the year. This feature is a part of the Assistant section which is present within the Google Photos app. Google uses this Assistant to show the user a collage and their photo collection.

This short video collage feature is rolling out in Google Photos over the last week. According to Google, you need to have sufficient amount of smiling pictures to get your collage to be created. If you don’t have enough smiling photos in your app then Google will not able to create a Video Collage for [...]

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December 23, 2017

Google’s 12 Days of Play sale is now Live : Grab it Now

Google Play has launched its 12 Days of Play sale which has offers on apps, books, movies, music, and TV show. The offer is starting from December 22nd through January 2nd. There is also a discount on a various in-app purchase to offers the best of 2017. If you are planning to subscribe to HBO Now, you will get 50% off for the first three months.

With other offers on a list, many premium games are discounted by up to 80 percent. The list includes such as Minecraft: Story Mode – Season Two, Final Fantasy Tactics: WotL, Clue, Reigns, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Need For Speed Most Wanted, FRAMED 2, and Sonic Jump Pro among various others. Games like Clash of Clans, ROBLOX, [...]

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December 22, 2017

Google is rolling out “Hey Google” for Google Assistant

Google started rolling out “Hey Google” to a lot of smartphones running with Google Assistant. Usually, when you use Google assistant to search or command something, You would usually say “OK Google” and talk to the Assistant. Initially, the “Hey Google” functionality was available to only some small set of people back in October as beta, and it was in testing phase.

Now all the devices which run on Google assistant are said to be getting this new update over Google Play store. Even the Google Home can recognize the Hot word. Google is asking users to retrain the voice recognition with either the new phrase or with the existing old one. You [...]

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December 18, 2017

Google Trips Launched Along With Updates For Google Flights

With the end of 2017, many people are already making travel plans for 2018. In order to book a flight and search for a hotel, Google has announced a few new features in its travel-related products. For better experience during this travel season, Google Flights has received a major new update which offers Tips to make hotel booking cost-effective. On the other hand, Google Trips also comes with a Discounts feature.

Google Trips:

Google has introduced a new version of Google Trips app which has many discounts features. The app will give direct access to deals on tickets and tours which is related to top attractions and activities. The discount feature is now available in the [...]

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