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April 4, 2015

Latest Gmail Update merges all inboxes

In a much awaited feature update to the standard application, the latest version of the Gmail app brings in the ability to merge all accounts into one single place to access all the email that you have. While it could already be done on the Android app, the user would have to manually select the particular account and then go through the email, so for users who rely on multiple email accounts, this update comes as a welcome change.

The latest version of Gmail – version 5.1.89985675 – brings a major change in the form of viewing all email, from all accounts, in one single place. While it is a new addition to Gmail, it is not a new feature at all. It has been [...]

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November 8, 2014

Google Inbox Review and Free Invites to Inbox

Gmail is the largest free email provider of the world and is leading a way ahead from other competitors. Google had introduced a new email service called Google Inbox, which is invite- only for the time been. Once, you had got the invite for Google Inbox, you simply need to install this application on your iOS or Android devices. The links can also be found in the invites. It is also accessible for the Chrome users. You can install it after getting the invite and can integrate your browsing experience through it.

What is Google Inbox All About

First of all, you must know that Gmail [...]

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January 27, 2014

How To Add Multiple Google Accounts in GMail App For Android

It have been just few days when the Google have updated the GMail android app to the version of 4.7.2 and today I felt to add all my email accounts to GMail app rather than using any other email client. So the tutorial for today is based on “How To Add Multiple Google Accounts in GMail App for Andoird”.

In previous versions of the Gmail app, all one would wish to do is go into the settings menu within the application to feature a brand new Gmail account. That option is currently missing fully, and once a good 5 minutes of looking and second-guessing myself, I found that you just can not add a brand new Gmail account among the app. Luckily, it’s [...]

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January 10, 2014

Gmail Update 4.7.2 Allows to Auto-Show Images For All [Download]

Gmail Android App is now updated and allows user to set option for auto-show images. Yes, Gmail now host all the images uploaded by users at its own proxy server and which is very safe and secure. Thus now it is next to impossible to for senders to use images for malicious purposes.

Before this Update, the Gmail Android app the users have to tap on show images or show always button to see the images. But now after this update i.e. Gmail Update 4.7.2, once the auto-show option is set from the settings the images will automatically load in the mail.


This Gmail 4.7.2 update apk was exposed by Android Police, and it can be downloaded by the [...]

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