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December 26, 2017

HQ Trivia coming to Android soon, pre-registration now available on Google Play

The popular game HQ Trivia announced that it is coming to Android soon. The company announced this news on Twitter. Interested user can pre-register for the app right now to be notified when the app goes live in the Play Store. If you have not heard this game before and thinking why a trivia game app has become more popular, well the HQ Trivia app allows you to win real cash prizes.

The live trivia games start every day at 9 PM EST and every weekday at 3 PM EST, those who play get a chance to win the best cash prizes. If you are new to this game, HQ Trivia is part game show and part trivia app with amazing cash prizes and it is growing rapidly in the world. The company [...]

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July 16, 2016

This Will Surely Make You Roll on Floor Laughing #PokemonGo in India

Pokemon Go is not yet officially launched in India and people over here are going crazy about it. The people excited about #PokemonGo game have side loaded the apk and started playing the game even before its launch. There are many jokes made related to this game, and it is going extremely viral. So we have selected few funny content about #PokemonGo that will surely make you Roll On Floor.

How to Go for Night Out with Pokemon

Now a days parents doubt when the child go for the night out, but after the arrival of #PokemonGo, they do encourage the child when he says I am going for night out at friends place to catch the Bulbasaur. Check out this amazing video by Viraj Ghelani : [...]

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July 14, 2016

Say No to Pokemon Go with this Chrome Extension : Pokemon No

It has been a week, since the launch of Pokemon Go game in Australia, New Zealand and USA. But people all over the world are installing the APK as a third party application and playing this Game. Pokemon Go have created many records and it is now the most successful game in the United States of America.

Yes, Pokemon Go have made people to come out of their homes and be more social by playing this  game. But it is also true that the internet is now flooded with the updates of the game Pokemon Go. So to stop watching Pokemon from everywhere just install this simple Chrome Extension : Pokemon No and you will be Happy to Live without Pokemon Mentions.

The Pokemon No [...]

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May 13, 2015

Local Multiplayer Game : DUAL! Shot Bullet From One Screen To Another

There might be many games which you enjoy playing alone but then there are some multiplayer game which you can stop yourself from sharing with friends and playing it all the time. DUAL! is one of them, DUAL is a local multiplayer game which can be played by two players at a time. The game can be played over Wi-Fi connection or Bluetooth connection.

How to play DUAL! Game Once you and your friends has installed this application, start the application Complete the tutorial and then press and hold to connect. Connect over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth as per your wish Once you are connected, tap the screen to shoot and tilt to dodge yourself. Press and hold to shoot your mega [...]
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