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December 8, 2017

Google Releases “Files Go” for Android Phones

Billions of Android Devices sold till now. Android Devices have 16 GB, and 32 GB of internal storage is being so familiar these days. By Going for a 64 GB Internal, You would be spending even more penny. It is so Uncommon to Find Phones with 128 GB internal storage, And There is No Android Phone out there which sells 256 GB of Internal Storage.

Right Now Apple is the Only company which is Giving 256 GB of Internal Storage as an option on Its Apple iPhones, and It runs on iOS. The Fact that Samsung Makes 256 GB Memory Cards for Android Phones is Happy news, But You Still cannot Install Apps on it. Even if You do, Phones like LG and Samsung Mobiles will Put the whole App back to [...]

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August 22, 2015

Android Marshmallow Features : #2 Explore in Android M 6.0

The latest android’s version android M 6.0 or recently named as Android Marshmallow offers more secured experience which we have posted detailed information about the first feature of Android Marshmallow which was Apps permission which allows user to control the apps by revoking access to certain things on Smartphone, today we are here with another awesome feature of File Explorer for Android. Yes this time they have provided the Android experience with stock File explorer however it’s not an application its inside your settings.

So first of all get this clear that it’s not an application but a system feature which you can access it by going in settings and then [...]

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July 29, 2014

File Expert with Clouds : Ultimate App To Manage Your Files

In this fast moving world we require important documents at any time. It’s not possible to carry the laptop or computer to each and every place we travel. Here the File Expert applicationcomes in picture. It is one of the most trusted applications used by many consumers.

Why is File Expert needed?

This is the one of the most downloaded application from the android market. The latest smartphones already carry File Manager when they come out of the box.  Though it does a pretty good job however the File expert is an application for managing the files on the mobile phones, tablets, computers and cloud storage servers. It is one of the most popular application managers on [...]

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